What you missed on RAW this week: 18 Feb 2019

NXT stars make their debut, Ronda retained her title over Ruby Riott for the second night on the row and WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019 was announced. But there was still more action on RAW this week.

Dean Ambrose keeps entertaining us!

Dean Ambrose may be leaving WWE but he is gonna leave us with so many good memories. His rapid fire questionaire for EC3 and telling Nia that she was charmed with his raw sexual magnetism was the highlight reel of RAW that week and so is going to be his punch(out of nowhere) on McIntyre backstage. What followed in the ring later in the night is bound to happen as WWE will now use to him hype other wrestler. EC3 was exhibit A and McIntyre was exhibit B. Another amusing thing was Ambrose asking Seth Rollins why he didn’t have his back during his match. Are they teasing one final Sheild reunion.

Lesnar vs Rollins drama continues without Lesnar appearing!

Paul Heyman keeps hyping Lesnar and Rollins is replying to him as they keep building up towards Wrestle Mania without appearances from Brock himself. He is rumored to appear next week though. What will happen then?

Strowman vs Corbin Storyline is finally finished!!

What they did not do on Sunday, they did on Monday; but they should have pulled the plug on it way back. Strowman putting Corbin through the table with a running body slam on second consecutive night to end this feud. This time no one interrupted in their match. No Drew McIntyre! No Bobby Lashley! And the match was also good with Strowman’s standards with some fine moments when he hit Corbin with the steel steps out of nowhere.

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