Valkyria vs Perez NXT Women’s Title Bouts Set for Vengeance Day 2024

WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023

Lyra Valkyria will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Roxanne Perez at NXT Vengeance Day 2024 event.

In the headline match of January 16 episode of NXT, a battle royal unfolded featuring 20 women, distinguished by a distinctive element. When the competition narrowed down to the last four participants Kiana James, Kelani Jordan, Roxanne Perez, and Fallon Henley the scenario shifted into a conventional four-way showdown.

Ultimately, it appeared that Jordan had the victory within her grasp, but Izzi Dame intervened by pulling James away to prevent a moonsault. Seizing the opportunity, Perez then executed Pop-Rox and successfully pinned Jordan for the three-count before James could return to disrupt the pin.

Following the conclusion of the match, Lyra Valkyria confronted Perez. It was announced that both competitors would engage in a contract signing during the NXT episode scheduled for January 23.

NXT Vengeance Day event is set for February 4, 2024, and it will be live from F&M Bank Arena in F&M Bank Arena in Clarksville, TN. NXT title bout is also set for the event, where Ilja Dragunov will face Trick Williams.

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