Backstage Update on Jon Moxley’s New Contract Extension

Jon Moxley AEW
Credits: AEW

It’s been recently announced that Jon Moxley has signed a new 5-year contract extension with AEW, and now more details regarding the same have surfaced online. 

According to this new contract extension, Moxley would also be used as a coach and mentor besides his general roles as a wrestler. 

According to a report by Fightful, AEW has been using Moxley without any contract for quite a while. It was also revealed that Jon Moxley’s contract was quite a situation in the promotion. 

AEW owner Tony Khan was ready to do anything to keep the only three-time AEW champion with the company. The interesting fact is that Moxley went on to become the Interim AEW World Champion during the summers without any contract. 

However, it’s not revealed whether Moxley would be working with promotions like GCW and Revolver or not in near future. Even GCW officials stated that they didn’t know anything about Moxley’s contract until AEW did a press release to announce it. 

The current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley even led some talent meetings with some talent backstage and it went very well. One of these meetings took place after AEW All Out 2022. 

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