Triple H defeated Batista at WrestleMania 35

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Triple H defeat Batista at Wrestlemania 35

Triple H was able to prevail over Batista as he defeated him in a grueling No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 35 last night. This was the first win for Triple H over Batista in singles matches.

Batista teased his intentions to face Triple H WrestleMania when he came to the Evolution Reunion at SmackDown 1000th episode and reminded everyone that Hunter has never beaten him in his career. Later, he attacked Triple H’s mentor Ric Flair during his 70th Birthday celebration. Hunter agreed to face him at WrestleMania with the added No Holds Barred stipulation. Hunter also agreed to put his career on the line as per Batista’s wish.

After a very physical match, Triple H was helped by a distraction from Ric Flair to win the match, which was fitting since the storyline started with an attack on him only. Although, it was said that this would be Batista’s final match in wrestling, with kind of finish it looks like that the recent rumors of Batista working another match at SummerSlam might be true after all. Since then, enjoy the match commentary!

Match Description

Shawn Michaels is out as the Guest Commentator. A couple of SUVs roll up with security guards around them. As they reach the ramp, Guards line up at the ramp and Batista jumps off the back off one of the SUVs. He trips as he enters the ring. He goes near the commentary table and stares at Michaels. Triple H’s parents are in the front row. The father taunts Batista and he shows a thumbs down sign. The Mad Max Fury Road theme video brings out Triple H who enters on a bike with Skull fixed at the front. He is also donning a skull scarf.

Batista puts Hunter in the right away and unloads. He takes him down with a clothesline. Hunter takes down Batista and throws him outside the ring. Batista sends him over the announce table. Hunter jumps over him to send him to the apron. Hunter then hits Batista on the shoulder with a toolbox. He then brings out a chain and strikes it on Batista’s back. He chokes him with the chain and crashes him into the steel steps. Hunter brings out a wrench and uses it on Batista’s arms. Hunter brings a chair into the ring and plucks out Batista’s nose ring.

Out of the ring, Batista counters Hunter to send him over announce table. Batista then drops him on his back over the table and sends him into the barricades and repeated the procedure. Steel Chair strike to the back of Hunter. Back in the ring, Batista gets a nearfall. He shoulder-blocks, hits a clothesline and gets another nearfall. Hunter with his signature knee to the face. Batista goes for another shoulder tackle but nobody is home. Hunter goes for the pedigree but it is converted to the back body drop. Outside the ring again and Hunter is hit by steel steps. Steel steps are put over the announce table and Hunter is dropped over them. Batista goes for the Batista Comb from the steps, Hunter converts it to the back body drop. Hunter gets up and spears Batista running over and through the announce tables. Both men are down.

Hunter brings out the Sledgehammer and goes back to the ring to eat a spear for a nearfall. Hunter with a big boot, Batista avoids the hammer strike with a big boot of his own and hits the spinebuster. He hits the Batista Bomb to get a nearfall. Batista brings the steel steps into the ring, puts Hunter over the turnbuckle but Hunter slips away and hits the powerbomb on the steel steps. He follows it up with a pedigree but could only get two counts. Hunter goes for the hammer strike when Batista hits him with DDT on the steel steps. Ric Flair comes out of nowhere and handed Hunter another sledgehammer. He also distracts Batista for Hunter to jump over the steel steps and hit Batista with the sledgehammer. He hits another pedigree and gets the pin.
Winner- Triple H with a pinfall

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