Survivor Series 2019: Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Title vs Mysterio

Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Title vs Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019
Brock Lesnar Retains WWE Title vs Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was able to retain the title against Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019 despite the interference from Rey’s son Dominic.

Going into the match, Rey Mysterio was so sure that he could put Brock Lesnar through hell using the new pipe using which he earlier assaulted Lesnar. However, that plan came to nothing once Lesnar got hold of Mysterio. Lesnar promised a torture presentation for Mysterio and he delivered on it as he hit Mysterio with suplex after suplex.

He also put the No Holds Barred stipulation to good use by slamming Rey against the announce table and throwing him around in the ringside area. As Lesnar continued to torment Rey, his son Dominic ran down with a white towel and pleaded for Lesnar to stop. This gave Mysterio the opening to hit Lesnar with a low blow.

Dominic then joined the attack where Rey hit Lesnar with the pipe and Dominic used the steel chair. Together, the father-son duo hit a stereo 619 and back-to-back top rope splashes. But Lesnar kicked out of the pin. As they looked for another pair of splashes, Dominic was caught by Lesnar to eat a German suplex and Rey was hit by the F5 for Lesnar to win the match.

The storyline between these two started on 30 September 2019 when Lesnar attacked both Rey Mysterio and Dominic. Rey Mysterio tried to take revenge from Lesnar when he brought Cain Velasquez to WWE. But Lesnar defeated him in mere minutes at WWE Crown Jewel. When Rey made the save on Velasquez using the steel chair shots at Crown Jewel, Lesnar became infuriated.

Lesnar then quit SmackDown and switched to RAW in order to have a match against Rey Mysterio. However, it was Mysterio who was able to attack Lesnar using a pipe and later challenged him for the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series 2019. Later, the No Holds Barred stipulation was added to the match on Lesnar’s demand.

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