WWE Crown Jewel: Braun Strowman Beats Omos in a Battle of Giants

Braun Strowman crown jewel 2022
Image Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman proved that he is the Monster of all Monsters as he defeated the Nigerian Giant Omos at WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Omos and Strowman started off this match by testing their strengths and the former put Strowman to his knees. Soon, Omos launched his strikes. 

Omos was dominating the match and toying with Strowman. The latter did rebound with some punches and strikes of his own. 

The Nigerian Giant even tacked his freight train outside the ring. However, inside the ring Strowman avoided the corner splash and put Omos up on his shoulder and hit the bodyslam. This move was enough for Strowman to get him the pinfall. 

There aren’t many superstars in the WWE locker room who can stand up against Braun Strowman. However, Omos along with his manager MVP appeared on the October 14 episode of SmackDown revealing that they have a problem with Strowman calling himself the “Monster of all Monsters.”

MVP also stated that Strowman would look normal if he stood alongside Omos. The following week, Braun Strowman challenged Omos for a match at Crown Jewel which MVP accepted. During the build-up, Omos kept saying that while Storwman is a monster which are not real, he is a Giant which are real.

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