Stipulation added to the Elimination Chamber Match

It looks like WWE creative(read the McMahons) is many times not sure what they want to do. On Monday, they announced two more matches for Elimination Chamber with one being the rematch from TLC between Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin. Now, within 2 days, they realized that they have to add No Disqualification stipulation to it for pulling off whatever they are planning.

Opinions over the internet are strong that Drew McIntyre will have some part to play during the match while a Dolph Ziggler angle is also expected. Are they building towards a tag team match between Braun Strowman/Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin/Drew McIntyre? Also, why does everyone keep forgetting that Kurt Angle has always been the ever-present theme in this storyline? Even WWE might not be sure how they want to unfold the things.

And to absolve themselves from any blame on how the things will turn out, the Creative team has already mentioned on the website that the McMahons are the ones who have added the No-DQ stipulation. The website article for the announcement reads: “…especially now that the McMahon Family has added the wrinkle of making it a No Disqualification Match.”. They are already telling us that they are the lunatic ones.

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