WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 29 January 2019

Welcome to the live blog of the SmackDown episode of 29th January 2019 which will deal with the fallout from the Royal Rumble 2019.

The show has opened with the story around Becky at Royal Rumble and RAW last night.

Will Becky’s Rumble win be challenged?

Becky comes out to the ring with a rousing response from the crowd. She started by Lynch mentioning her appearance on Raw, saying she couldn’t resist looking at Ronda and she realized how different they are. Lynch says the beginning of the Rumble event didn’t go her way but unlike Ronda, she doesn’t crumble when she loses and instead won the Royal Rumble match with one leg injured.

Charlotte comes out and tells Becky that it’s possible that Becky learned from Charlotte and it was she who brought her to the main event. Charlotte says she is proud and happy that she has done so much for Becky. Becky drops Charlotte with a punch before leaving the ring. As Becky gets to the ramp, Charlotte attacks her from behind. They continue to brawl until the crew break them up.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs R-Truth – United States Championship

Truth enters rapping with Carmella at his side. In the ring, he mentioned that he was jacked up by Nia and that he would have won Royal Rumble and that’s why he is granted the United States Championship match.

Nakamura starts with a drop-kick on Truth and immediately goes for Kinshasa but Truth counters with a lie detector to send Naka out of the ring. Truth taking a knee to the body after Naka lays him across the top turnbuckle. Naka hits a couple more running knees for a near fall. Truth counters with a roll-up to get the pin.

Winner – R-Truth via pinfall

It looks like Truth and Nakamura didn’t know it was a three count at first. Truth is the new champion and Nakamura’s reign lasted for only two days.

R-Truth vs Rusev – United States Championship

After Truth’s victory, Rusev comes out and says the US title deserves better champion than Nakamura and surely better than R-Turht. Rusev wants a title match right away. and goes on to challenge him for a title match. Carmella shoves Lana down. R-Truth have a face-off with Rusev and agrees to the title match. We cut to a break.

As we come back from the break, Rusev has Truth in a headlock. Rusev keeps control in the corner but Truth counters and rolls Rusev to get the pin and win.

Winner- R-Truth by pinfall

As Truth leaves, Nakamura attacks him at the ringside and sends him back in the ring where both Rusev and Nakamura started brutalizing him. Both took turns hitting Truth with a boot to the face while the other one holds Truth.

Becky is shown leaving the arena when she was asked why she refused for medical staff to look at her injury? Becky replies she is fine and does not need any medical attention and doesn’t want any more time on the shelf.

Rey Mysterio has made his way to the ring. Now, Truth also refuses medical attention saying he is the new U.S Champ.

Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe

Mysterio is in the ring waiting for Samoa Joe but outcomes Zelina Vega distracts him and Andrade comes and attacks him from behind. Rey countered after some beating and goes for 619 but Andrade blocks it to hit the hammerlock DDT.

Gallows and Anderson approach Rusev backstage. Anderson asks why he attacked R-Truth like that and that too after him being in 2 back to back matches. Rusev tells him to go back to catering and to take his girlfriend with him. Good Brothers challenge Rusev for a tag team match tonight and ask him to bring Nakamura as a partner. Nakamura comes in and accepts the challenge. Rusev warns Nakamura against betraying him.

World’s Best Tag Team Celebration

Miz and Shane come out to the ring. They say they don’t need confetti and Champagne to celebrate. Shane thanked Miz for his support to make his childhood dream of becoming a Tag Team champion come true and shows a montage video of Miz and what happened since the Crown Jewel event to them becoming the Tag Team champions.

Crowd chants- “You still got it” for Shane. Shane has another surprise for Miz and calls Miz’s dad out to come in the ring. Miz’s dad says he loves him and is proud of him. Shane announces a 4-way elimination match to determine the contender for Tag Team title opportunity against them.

Why does Mandy hate Naomi?

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose announce their participation in the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match at Elimination Chamber. When asked why she hates Naomi so much, she shows footage from Tough Enough from 2015 where Naomi was instructing her and she called her weak. Sonya says Mandy has not been the same since that day and we didn’t hear what Naomi said off the air and she made Mandy cry. And Mandy doesn’t cry. Mandy says that she kept crying over what Naomi told her, to such extent that her boyfriend could not take it anymore and broke up with her. Mandy says Naomi ruined her relationship that day and she is going after her relationship. But for now, her mind is on the Elimination Chamber.

Heavy Machinery vs The Usos vs The Bar vs The New Day – 4-Way Tag Team Elimination Match for the no. 1 Contender

Otis runs over Jimmy to start things off. Uso tags in Kofi instead of his own brother to face Dozer. Kingston runs around to avoid Otis’ attack until Otis brings him down and sits on him. Big E and Dozovic tag in. They collide and neither man budges. They dance, lock their legs until Dozer scoops him up for a body slam, and tags in Tucker Knight for a double team move.

Cesaro and Sheamus double team Jimmy to score a two-count. Jimmy hits Cesaro with a side suplex to give himself a little breathing room. He tags Jey goes to work on Sheamus. Big E takes the tag from Jey. Kofi and Big E hit Sheamus with a powerbomb for a near fall. Otis tags in from Big E. Otis hits Kofi with a crossbody. Heavy Machinery hit the Compactor on Kofi to eliminate The New Day.

Jey sends Otis and Dozovic out of the ring. Jimmy hits them with a dive. The Bar sends Jey into a barricade to take us to a break.

Cesaro has Tucker in a headlock. Sheamus comes in and hits Tucker with a knee when he tries to fight back. Tucker comes back with a clothesline. Otis gets the hot tag and runs riot on Cesaro. Otis hits a belly-to-belly suplex and then hits caterpillar. But, Cesaro still kicks out of the pin.

Tucker tags in and hits a clothesline on Sheamus to send him to the floor. Cesaro hits a big boot on Tucker. Jimmy takes a blind tag and hits Tucker with a cross body for a two-count. Jimmy hits Tucker with a superkick. Sheamus takes a blind tag from Sheamus. Cesaro comes in to hit Tucker with an upper cut. Sheamus hits Brogue Kick to pin Tucker. Jimmy hits superkicks on both Sheamus and Cesaro. Jey hits a Usos splash on Sheamus to get a pin.

Winner- The Usos via pinfall

The New Championship Belt

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out. He asks the crowd if they know who won at the Royal Rumble. When the crowd chants “Becky”, Bryan replies “no”. He says each and every one have won because he won. Because a victory for him is a victory for every being on planet earth because Daniel Bryan is the planet’s champion.

Bryan brings Rowan out and he is carrying a bag with something in it. Bryan says carrying around the WWE title makes him a hypocrite as it is made of skin of a cow. Bryan asks for a trash can and throws the belt in it. Rowan brings out a new title belt made of wood and vegan leather.

Bryan is telling how the new belt is 100% sustainable when AJ comes out. He asks Bryan if he thought he would just sit back when Bryan throw the WWE title in the trash. AJ says for someone who doesn’t like big corporations, he went out to find the biggest insurance policy he has ever seen in Rowan. Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Back from the break, Bryan and Rowan are in the ring with RKO, Jeff Hardy, and AJ claiming their stakes for the title shot. Mustafa Ali comes out and asks if anyone remembers what he did at the Rumble. Randy replies that he was thrown out by Nia Jax. Samoa Joe comes out and tells Ali that he got lucky. He mocks AJ by referencing her wife Wendy. AJ punches Joe to start a brawl.

Bryan, looking at the brawl, says none of them deserves his title. Triple H appears on the screen that he will defend against all of them at Elimination Chamber. Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy vs Mustafa Ali vs Samoa Joe for WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber Match. The show ends with the brawl still ongoing and Bryan retreating to the ramp.

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