Shelton Benjamin defeated in his first match at RAW in 10 years

While Paul Heyman was making a case for Brock Lesnar destroying Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, Shelton Benjamin sneaked into the ring to give Rollins a taste of Suplex City. As RAW went to a commercial break, Paul Heyman reminded us that Shelton Benjamin is the only tag team partner of Brock Lesnar ever and they together won the Tag Team Championship in OVW. According to Heyman, he is also the assistant coach of Lesnar and the sneak attack was just a promo of what Lesnar is gonna do to Rollins.

Rollins, then challenged Benjamin to come face to face in a match which was accepted by him. This was the first match for Benjamin at RAW after 10 years with his last match coming in April 2009. After some initial domination, Benjamin could answer to Rollins speedy moves and ate a curb stomp while attempting the F5.

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