Sheamus suffering from Concussion

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Sheamus missed the WWE TV programming this week and his tag team partner Cesaro teamed with Rusev and Nakamura to face the New Day, Sheamus was not even mentioned during all this.

PWinsider reported yesterday that he is suffering from an injury but just like Daniel Bryan’s injury his injury is also being kept under wrap. According to the latest news in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Sheamus is currently dealing with a concussion which believed to have happened during the match between the New Day and the Bar and Drew McIntyre.

Sheamus was hit by an enziguri and then Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston at the end of the match to be pinned. Big E also suffered a torn meniscus during the same match. The Celtic Warrior did not appear on either of RAW or SmackDown during the Superstar Shakeup and is probably going to stay in SmackDown itself.

Now, WWE’s announcement is being waited for more information as the severity of the injury will also lead to changes in the plan for Cesaro going forward.

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