Samoa Joe put Ali to sleep; Rey Mysterio Injured

Samoa Joe vs Mustafa Ali
(Mustafa) Ali passes out to Coquina Clutch from Samoa Joe

United States Champion Samoa Joe faced Mustafa Ali last night at SmackDown in a non-title. Joe started on the offense with sidekicks and chops and put Ali in the corner to unload on him. Ali made a comeback with a pop-up dropkick and a suicide dive at the ringside. As they came back to the ring, Ali connected a kick to the face followed by a tornado DDT. Ali went for the 054 splash off the top when Joe moved aside and put Ali in the Coquina Clutch. When Ali refused to give and passed out, the Referee gave the win to Samoa Joe.

In related news, WWE announced that Rey Mysterio, who was going to face Samoa Joe at WrestleMania for the United States Championship, has injured his ankle at RAW during his match against Baron Corbin. Mysterio’s match against Andrade last night was canceled due to the injury. Although it is currently not clear that Rey will be working at WrestleMania, in case he misses out, Joe’s most probable opponents will be Andrade and Ali itself.

WrestleMania will take place on this Sunday, 7 April at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. For the updates, you can check out our new WrestleMania Center- a one-stop center for all things related to WrestleMania.

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