Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 35

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Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 35

Roman Reigns has defeated Drew McIntyre in their singles match at WrestleMania 35 last night. This was the first singles match for Roman since he came back from his battle with Leukemia.

Ever since Roman Reigns came back to WWE a few weeks back, Drew McIntyre had a number on him. Even though Roman was able to win the tag team match with Shield at Fastlane against McIntyre and his team, McIntyre has viciously attacked him since then without a credible answer from Roman. Even when Roman came face to face to accept his WrestleMania challenge, McIntyre was able to take him down. This win will surely help to increase Reigns’ stakes back to previous heights while McIntyre would also come out of the story as a prominent heel.

Match Description

Drew McIntyre enters first with Scottish Military Bands performing for him. Roman Reigns gets special fireworks when he reaches the stage. Roman starts with big punches and nails a Samoan Drop. He then unloads on McIntyre in the corner before some more uppercuts. McIntyre nails a spinebuster and sends him to the apron. Roman hits the leg drop on McIntyre at the apron. As the head back to the ring, McIntyre hits the Glasgow kiss and tosses Roman across the ring with a German suplex. McIntyre has now locked in the shoulders of Roman. McIntyre keeps control for sometime before Roman sends him off the ring. McIntyre avoids the drive-by and hits a suplex on the floor before sending him back to the ring. Roman fights in the corner but McIntyre nails the Alabama fall slam and starts unloading punches. McIntyre takes Roman to the top turnbuckle. Roman fights him off but McIntyre still takes him down from there. McIntyre starts trash talking and was going for the Dirty Deeds when Roman connects a punch and clotheslines him. A big boot sends McIntyre outside the ring where Roman connected the drive-by and then hits the suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Roman goes for the Superman Punch but McIntyre avoids it and hits him with a headbutt. Roman connects the Superman Punch on the rebound and then hits the spear to get the pin.
Winner- Roman Reigns with a pinfall.

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