Extreme Rules 2022: Riddle Leaves the Fight Pit with Victory Against Rollins

matt ridlle extreme rules

Matt Riddle remains undefeated inside the Fight Pit as he defeated Seth Rollins via submission at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Daniel Cormier was the special guest referee for this match as it is difficult for normal officials to keep Rollins and Riddle under check to follow the rules. 

Both Rollins and Riddle started trading strikes right from the beginning. There was a time when Riddle barely managed to avoid the count-out loss after a series of offenses by Rollins. Later in the match, Rollins climbed to the platform and asked Riddle to get up there as well. Rollins then hit Riddle with the Bucklebomb on the top followed by the pedigree. 

Somehow Riddle got up and hit Rollins with the RKO. Rollins fell off to the mat, and then Riddle hit the floating bro from the top of the platform. Soon, Riddle puts Rollins into the arm triangle. Rollins tried to break out of it a few times before taping out and losing the match to Riddle. 

Matt Riddle demanded a rematch against Seth Rollins after losing at Clash at the Castle. However, initially, Rollins refused a rematch. Riddle cost Rollins the US title match against Lashley on the September 19 episode of Raw. Later on the same night, both of them were involved in a brawl backstage where Riddle challenged Rollins to a Fight Pit match and the latter agreed. 

Rollins and Riddle are now at 1-1 against each other in singles matches this year. Will we see a trilogy fight between them? If yes, when and where? Keep tuned in for the latest updates on this.

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