Andrade El Idolo AEW Exit Details & WWE Return Updates

Andrade El Idolo

Andrade El Idolo is said to be making a comeback to WWE following his tenure with AEW coming to an end.

According to information from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, there are speculations that Andrade El Idolo has reached an agreement with WWE. Sapp notes that Andrade’s start contract with AEW was for two years, but it was extended due to an injury.

Sapp references insights from AEW talent who mentioned that Andrade openly discussed his AEW contract coming to an end. Some individuals in the talent pool stated that he initially expressed intentions to remain with AEW. However, towards the conclusion of his stint, he informed others that he had decided to make a return to WWE.

Andrade El Idolo, after leaving AEW, was expected by some in AEW to appear on WWE programming. Tony Khan had expressed at World’s End post-show scrum that he wanted Andrade to remain with AEW.

As per Fightful’s report however, people close to Andrade described the last few days in AEW as frustrating for him.

The report also added that Charlotte Flair advocated for Andrade’s return to WWE. Though WWE sources haven’t officially confirmed it, other indications suggest that his return is likely.
In 2021, Andrade requested his release from WWE and subsequently made his AEW debut in June of the same year.

During AEW Worlds End 2023 event, Miro emerged victorious over Andrade El Idolo following a turn of events where Andrade’s manager and Miro’s wife, CJ Perry, betrayed El Idolo.

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