RAW Preview: 18 Feb 2019 – Elimination Chamber Fallout

Check out the preview and matches announced for WWE RAW episode of 18 February 2019 (2/18/2019).

Happening just after 22 hours after the Elimination Chamber event, this is the fallout show which will deal with the reactions from the event. Below segments are advertised for tonight:

What will await the Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley?

Boss n Hug connection became the well deserved inaugural champions. But even just one day in their reign, they will have to be ready for any sort of challenge that comes in their way. Possibly, Nia will claim that she was not pinned and therefore must get another chance for the title or the Riott Squad will ask for some piece of the action. We may also get a team who was not part of the Elimination Chamber in Alexa Bliss and Mickie James claiming their stake for the title. Whatever it may be but Sasha and Bayley must be ready for another battle soon enough.

What’s next after Becky’s assault on Charlotte and Ronda Rousey?

As if taking on Charlotte was not enough, when Becky also brutally assaulted Ronda also she made it clear who her real target is. Although Becky is still suspended, when did it stop her from breaking her way into the arena. And with Ronda pissed off, expect more sparks. And between all this, how will Becky get herself unsuspended? Get ready for a long ride since Wrestle Mania is still 7 weeks away and much more drama to unfold.

How will Finn Balor turn out to be as the IC champion?

Balor has taken advantage of Rush to win the title but will Lashley accept the defeat? A rematch is on the cards anyway but when will it happen? At RAW tonight or later at a PPV event. And will the Lashley-Rush partnership continue after the loss and Lashley assaulted Rush with a spinebuster. Even without Rush, Balor has to overcome the imposing Lashley.

The Age of Revival starts!!

Yes, that’s what they are calling it!! The age of Revival!! How long is it gonna last though. With the last champions Gable and Roode probably splitting but new contenders like the Heavy Machinery will emerge to challenge them.

What more to expect?

The major expectation is the announcement for the WWE Hall of Fame inductees for this year. Apart from that, Strowman’s storyline with Baron Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley is still ongoing but a change there will be very welcome. Natalya-Dana Brooke rivalry was left midway before the Chamber and expect it to be picked up as we head to Wrestle Mania. Where will Lacy Evans finally land after ramp walk last night at Chamber?

We will be live here, to catch you up with the action.

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