WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 25 February 2019

Roman Reigns Returns- RAW 25 February 2019
Roman Reigns Returns- RAW 25 February 2019

RAW will be live from State Farm Arena in Atlanta on 25th February 2019 and promises lots of returning stars. Roman Reigns will make an appearance to update us on his health status but rumors say that there will be something more than that. Ric Flair will have another birthday party and the suspended Becky Lynch is expected to spoil it in a big way. So join us as we bring you the proceedings live from the star-studded show. Meanwhile, you can check the preview here for info on other segments.

There is a lot of heat regarding what Roman Reigns is going to announce and with Good Morning America touting his appearance on their show as the “Announcement you can’t miss”, the heat has only increased. WWE is selling new T-shirts on his return which you can see in below tweet. Another interesting news that is coming out is that Shawn Michaels could also feature in tonight’s episode. So we are surely in for a cracking episode.

Roman Empire!!

The show opens with the recap of Roman Reigns’ announcing his Leukemia on 22 October last year which ends with the visuals of Shield Reunion. Now we go live as Roman makes his way to the ring. He goes around to acknowledge fans near the barricades and hugs his family members who are also in the crowd. The crowd has livened up as a seemingly emotional Roman takes the mic.

He starts by thanking fans and that he missed the fanbase. He says that before he announced the Leukemia, he was insecure about sharing it with the world but the support that he got is overwhelming. The strength that he got from the blessings, he can do anything with that kind of love and support. He continues by saying that he will use the WWE platform to raise awareness and support others suffering from Cancer. He finally announces that he is in remission from Cancer and that he will be back soon as the Crowd goes berserk. He thanked the crowd once again, signs some autographs as he starts leaving. Seth Rollins comes out and they hug near the entrance.

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs The Riott Squad is scheduled for tonight.

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs the Revival

RAW Tag Team Champions attack their opponents from behind but Ricochet soon gets the upper hand and sends the champions out of the ring before a suicide dive from Ricochet and Summersault from Black takes them out.

Wilder had Ricochet in an arm stretch but he counters to tag in Black. Black lands a kick and a sliding knee on both members of The Revival. Wilder tags Dawson and the two double team and almost gets the three count against Black. Dawson then lands a huge DDT but Black survives two nearfalls after that. Ricochet pushes Wilder from the top turnbuckle before taking him out with a backflip and Black connects a Black Mass Kick to get the pin.

Winner- Aleister Black and Ricochet with pinfall

Baron Corbin is pressed hard on his comments on Roman Reigns last year. He replies that the comments he made were misconstrued, but warns Reigns.

We also see Shawn Micheals giving an interview where he shakes hands with Johnny Gargano.
We get a video from Snoop Dogg wishing Ric Flair.

Elias gets interupted!

Elias is in the ring and was about to start when Lacy Evans comes out for another ramp walk. After that Dean Ambrose comes out to say that he wants a rematch with Drew McIntyre in a No Disqualification match. He comes into the ring and asks Elias what is he doing in the ring with the guitar and tells him that this isn’t Academy Awards. Elias replies that if it was Academy Awards, he would have got two standing ovations by now. Elias says he wants to sing a song about Atlanta and goes on to diss the city. Ambrose says he’s a big fan of Elias and asks him if he knows to play a few songs. Dean dodges the guitar strike from Elias and hits Dirty Deeds on him and walks away.

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs the Riott Squad

Sarah starts with a backbreaker on Natalya and unloads with some forearms. Ruby comes in and Natalya overpowers her to tag in Ronda. They double team to hit a suplex on Ruby. Ruby then hits Ronda with an STO. They tried to isolate Ronda but she hits a forearm on Sarah and clotheslines Ruby to tag in Natalya again. Nattie hits a side drop using the rope but is tripped by Liv when she goes for the clothesline off the rope. Nattie and Ronda surround Liv to take her down. Sarah hits a dropkick on Nattie outside as we head to the break.

Riott Squad is keeping Natalya isolated. Ruby hits a shoulder block in the corner and tags in Sarah who hits clotheslines. Natalya tries to go for the tag but Sarah prevents it and locks in Natalya. Natalya counters and tags in Ronda. She takes down Sarah with a judo throw. She is unloading on Sarah in the corner when Ruby tries to protect her. Ronda hits a knife blade on Sarah but Ruby prevents the pin. Natalya throws out Ruby and then takes her out at the ringside, This gives Ronda the time to hit Piper’s pit on Sarah. But as she goes for the pin, Becky Lynch comes out on crutches through the crowd. As Natalya stops her, she hits her with the crutches to cause a DQ.

Winner- Ronda Rousey and Natalya with Disqualification

Ronda comes to take on Becky as they start brawling but several producers come between them to keep them apart. Ronda even hit some Security Guards in order to reach Becky but fails. Some cops come out to arrest Becky now.

Ronda calls out McMahons!

Ronda is helping Natalya to get to backstage. She then comes back to the ring and calls out Vince McMahon but Stephaine comes out instead. Rousey says they need to reinstate Becky so they can settle their problems at WrestleMania. Steph says Lynch was just arrested and Ronda says they can drop the charges. McMahon reiterated Rousey will face Charlotte at Mania.

Stephaine tells Ronda that Becky is responsible for her actions and it is due to her own action that she is on her way to Jail instead of Wrestle Mania. Rousey says that Becky at WrestleMania is what she and the fans want. Stephanie is still not persuaded and walks away, but is brought back to the Rousey. Stephanie says nobody is bigger than the WWE and that she’s her boss. She says Rousey has a bad attitude and nobody is bigger than WWE. Rousey says she isn’t owned by the McMahon family. She says the title means too much to let this happen. She lays the belt in the ring and leaves.

Jinder Mahal vs Kurt Angle

Jinder Mahal is in the ring, and asks rhetorically what Ric Flair has achieved as he complains about being not invited in the party. He then challenges anyone who’s invited to Ric Flair’s birthday party for a match. Kurt Angle comes out to accept the challenge.

The Singh Brother distracts Angle for Mahal to hit him with a boot to the face. Jinder lays on him in the corner before putting him in a headlock. Angle counters and hits Jinder with a German suplex. More German suplexes follow. He knocks the Singhs off of the apron before putting Mahal in the Ankle Lock to get the submission.

Winner- Kurt Angle by submission

Kurt Angle then hits a German suplex on one of the Singh Brothers as he tried to attack him from behind.

Finn Balor on A Moment of Bliss!

Bliss starts by dissing Ronda on relinquishing the RAW Women’s title. She then invites Finn Balor on the talk show. Bliss flirts with Balor and asks him to show his abs when Rush interrupts. Rush tells Balor that he does not deserve to be the Champion. When Balor tells him that Lashley can come out to challenge him, Rush tells us that Bobby Lashley is getting ready to face Braun Strowman. Rush says he won’t leave from here until he wins the IC title back from Balor. Balor makes it sound like Rush wants to prove he is better than Lashley and challenges Rush to face him for the IC title match. Alexa goads him into accepting it. Rush then asks for a proper entrance before the match but Balor gets his music instead as he enters in his usual manner.

A video from Maria Menounos wishing Ric Flair. Sting and Titus O’ Niel are seen in the Red Carper Area.

Finn Balor(c) vs Lio Rush – Intercontinental Championship Match

Rush dodges Balor in the corner and takes him down with a scissor takedown. Balor puts him in the headlock. Rush hits back with a dropkick. As he goes for the suicide dive, Balor hits a clothesline. Following some great athleticism, Rush lands two dropkicks. Balor counters with a huge elbow and then a baseball kick to Rush. Rush lands a beautiful moonsault and then two suicide dives which drive Balor into the barricade. Balor hits a big chop in the corner and then takes Rush down with a swing blade.

Rush hits a baseball slide to target Balor’s knee. He keeps on targetting Balor’s knee. Balor hits an inziguiri to take back control. Balor goes for the reverse suplex but his knee gives out. Rush tries for a quick roll up a couple of times. Rush hits a kick on Balor’s head and gets another nearfall. Balor lands a clothesline and goes to the top rope for the Coup de Grace, but Rush brings him down; he then goes to the third rope and both fall to the floor, Rush tries to get a cover, but Balor kicks out. Rush continues to hurt Balor’s knee. They trade strikes before Balor hits the 1916 and then goes to the top to hit Coup de Grace to get the pin.

Winner- Finn Balor by pinfall

Backstage, the Ascension duo was mocking Tucker. Otis attacks Konnor and Viktor. Otis stands over them and warns them against messing with Heavy Machinery.

Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman

Backstage, Bobby Lashley is furious at Lio Rush for not getting him a title shot, and even losing his match. They make their way to the ring next. Strowman comes out next. Lashley attacks Strowman even before the bell rings. He hits some blows before going for a suplex but STrowman counters to hit the front face suplex. Strowman then hits a clothesline and a body splash. Rush pulls Lashley out of the ring but Strowman also goes out to hit the running truck on Lashley before taking out Rush. Strowman then leaves for backstage. The bell never rings to start the match. Lashley is in a downslide right now.

Seth Rollins is being interviewed backstage where he seems really happy. He said he will win over Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania but tonight is about celebrating with his brother, Roman Reigns.
Next, we see Ric Flair arriving at the arena to celebrate his birthday.

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McItnyre – No Disqualification Match

Ambrose attacks McIntyre during his entrance and starts beating him. Ambrose lands a few punches and then chops, and then kicks McIntyre in the knee. Dean removes his belt to use it on McIntyre but McIntyre lands a kick and then uses Ambrose’s belt on his back and chest. McIntyre hits Ambrose with a spinebuster before he nails Ambrose with the belt. Ambrose counters to send Drew to the floor. McIntyre catches Ambrose as he goes for the suicide dive to send him to the barricade and then hits a belly to belly suplex on the floor.

Dean hits a forearm from the turnbuckle as McIntyre is still outside. He lands more blows before bringing him in. Ambrose then hits McIntyre with a belt multiple time. McIntyre comes back with the Glasgow kick to send Ambrose out. McIntyre takes the hold of steel steps but Ambrose counters to trip him and send him face first into the steps. He hits his face for a few more times and was going for the Dirty Deeds when Elias comes out from the back to hit him with the chair. Elias sends Dean back in the ring and McIntyre hits him with the Claymore kick to get the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre with a pinfall

Shield Renunited?

Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley also comes out after the match and joins Elias and McIntyre to take the punishment on Ambrose. Seth Rollins’ music hits and out he comes with a steel chair and Roman Reigns. Roman takes out Lashley outside the ring with a superman punch and Rollins hits Elias with the chair. They go into the ring to take down McIntyre and Corbin. Reigns hit one more Superman Punch on Lashley on the apron. Rollins with a curb stomp on Corbin and Reigns with a spear on McIntyre. They walk back to the ramp while Ambrose is still in the ring. Ambrose gets up with a quirky smile on his face while Rollins and Reigns look at him from the entrance.

Nia Bax vs Bayley

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and Tamina for the Women’s Tag Team Championship is announced for Fastlane. Bayley has the advantage at the start following a hip toss and some huge punches on Nia Jax to get two counts. Jax counters by throwing Bayley out of the ring.

Jax puts Bayley in a bear hug. Bayley kicks Nia’s knee but she runs down Bayley with great force. Nia then puts Bayley in a submission. Bayley escapes the hold with a headbutt on Nia’s Chin and sends her face first into the turnbuckle, followed by a knee to the face. Bayley lands a dropkick to send Nia outside. She then lands a knee and goes to the top rope for a crossbody but is caught by Jax and put on the turnbuckle, and Jax runs into Bayley. Jax then grabs Sasha Banks’ hair, and the distraction helps Bayley land a blow. Tamina tries to take down Sasha but she sidesteps to send her into the steel steps. Bayley hits the elbow drop from the top rope and the win.

Winner- Bayley with the pinfall

Ric Flair’s Birthday Celebration

The complete roster is standing at the entrance. Triple H and Stephaine McMahon come out to the ring. Hunter says that on the road to Wrestle Mania we get the nights like this when Roman Reigns returns, Ronda lays down her belt and Becky goes to jail. But tonight is also about Ric Flair’s birthday celebration. They call out Shawn Michaels, Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat, Kurt Angle, and Sting. Triple H then presents a video montage on the career of Ric Flair. Stephaine unveils a custom-made WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt for Ric Flair before calling out Ric Flair. But he does not come out. Instead, we get the return of Batista. Batista drags down Ric Flair and calls out Triple H. Hunter runs backstage and reaches Ric Flair. Several backstage guys also converge on the scene as Triple H calls for the Doctor.

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