Promos featuring Bray Wyatt and Mojo Rawley

The Undertaker also made his appearance but he was not the only one with an off-beat gimmick on the night. Last night, RAW came back from the break to show a cardboard box. A puppet, which looked more like a dinosaur head, popped out of the box and it started to laugh. After some time, it came to the realization that the laugh was very similar to Bray Wyatt. He is expected to come back with a character change and the puppet might be a part of it.

What is the endgame with Mojo Rawley here? His recorded promos are shown for about than 2 months now. In his last night’s promo, Rawley was again talking to himself in the mirror. This time asking himself where was he during WrestleMania. The focus shifted to the cracked mirror and some blue paintwork appeared on his face. What were they trying to signify?

RAW Live Results and Updates: 8 April 2019