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Pro-Wrestling is tough on every wrestler’s body. Hard-hitting matches, crazy stunts, constant traveling, hectic schedule, multiple surgeries- all things combined to ultimately take a toll on a wrestler’s physical and mental health.

Many a time, wrestlers either turn to medication, or other drugs and recreational stuff in order to overcome this. We might have come far from the days when steroid usage was common among wrestlers. But such times have resulted in many health complications and premature deaths of many wrestlers.

Here we are presenting a list of all the wrestler deaths due to any cause, the date, and the cause of those deaths.

Recent Wrestler Death (Wrestler Who Died 2021)

The Patriot

Real name Del Wikes, The Patriot worked for several promotions during the 11 years of his wrestling career. He worked with AWA, AJPW, GWF and WCW, before finally getting to WWE in 1997. The Patriot retired from wrestling in 1998 due to a torn triceps injury. Later, The Patriot admitted to using anabolic steroids and cocaine during his wrestling career and college football days. Wilkies died of a heart attack on 30 June 2021 at the age of 59.

New Jack

New Jack got his fame mainly from his days in Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW). He became famous with ECW fans due to is dangerous bumps and hardcore wrestling. After ECW was closed down, Jack appeared in many hardcore special event in the independent circuit apart from many other events. New Jack died on 14 May 2021 due to a heart attack.

Jim Crockett Jr.

Jim Crockett Jr. was a wrestling promoter and was a part-owner of Jim Crockett Promotions back in the 1980s. He later sold this promotion to Ted Turner which was renamed to WCW. Crockett Jr. died on 4 March 2021 due to liver and kidney failures. He was tested positive for COVID-19 two months prior to his death.

Butch Reed

Butch Reed/Doom had a celebrated wrestling career which included his work Mid-South Wrestling, NWA, WWF and WCW. He has won several singles as well as tag team titles throughout his career. Reed died on 5 February 2021 after suffering two heart attacks. His family also revealed that he contracted COVID-19 on 112 January 2021.

Wrestler Deaths Under Age of 20

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Janet Wolfe 18 Years  July 27, 1951  Brain Hemorrhage  NWA

Wrestler Deaths for Age of 20-30

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Chris Von Erich21 YearsSept 12, 1991Suicide by gunshotWCCW, USWA
Oro21 YearsSept 12, 1991Head injury in matchCMLL, UWA
Jeff Peterson21 YearsNovember 29, 2002LeukemiaIndependent circuit, ECWA, MCW, IPW
Spider22 yearsMay 28, 2005Head injury in matchNWA New England, independent circuit, WXW, ACW
Mirai22 yearsSeptember 14, 2005Drowning in bathtubAJW, K-DOJO, Atoz
Mass Transit22 yearsMay 12, 2002Complications from gastric bypass surgeryECW, independent circuit
Hana Kimaru22 yearsMay 23, 2020Suicide by hydrogen sulfide ingestionWorld Wonder Ring Stardom
Mike Von Erich23 yearsApril 12, 1987Suicide by drug overdoseWCCW, NWA, NJPW
Shane Shamrock23 yearsAugust 18, 1998Shot By PoliceMCW, MEWF, IPWA
Edouard Beaupre23 yearsJuly 03, 1904TuberculosisUnknown
Chris Cash23 yearsAugust 18, 2005Motorcycle accidentCZW
Emiko Kado23 yearsApril 9, 1999Intercerebral bleeding in matchJWP, Atoz
David Von Erich25 yearsFebruary 10, 1984Acute enteritisWCCW, NWA St. Louis, NWA, AJPW
Reid Flair25 yearsMarch 29, 2013Drug overdoseAJPW, WCW, NWA, independent circuit
Principe Aereo25 yearsOctober 17, 2020Heart attackworked in various promtions in Mexico
Kasavubu26 yearsJuly 27, 1982Heart attackStampede Wrestling, WWWF, NWA, IWE
Russ Haas27 yearsDecember 15, 2001Heart failureECWA, CZW, MCW, HWA, WWF, JAPW
J.C. Bailey27 yearsAugust 30, 2010Intracranial aneurysmCZW, IWA Mid-South, IWA East-Coast
Masakazu Fukuda27 yearsApril 19, 2000Head injury in matchWAR, NJPW
Mike Thomas27 yearsApril 19, 2000December 12, 1978Suicide
Louie Spicolli27 yearsFebruary 15, 1998Drug overdoseWWF, ECW, WCW, AAA
Art Barr28 yearsNovember 23, 1994Heart attack caused by a drug overdosePNW, WCW, AAA, EMLL
Gino Hernandez28 yearsFebruary 2, 1986Unknown (Drug overdose or MurderWCCW, SCW, NWA, UWF Mid-South
Ricky Lawless28 yearsNovember 30, 1988ShotICW, NWF, independent circuit
Plum Mariko29 yearsAugust 16, 1997Head injury in matchJWP, AJW, Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling
Clarence Whistler29 yearsNovember 6, 1885PneumoniaUnknown
Chris Taylor29 yearsJune 30, 1979CardiomyopathyAWA, AJPW, NWA
Lance Cade29 yearsAugust 13, 2010Drug overdoseWWE, HWA, OVW, MCW, FCW, AJPW
Bobby Shane29 yearsFebruary 20, 1975Plane crashNWA, CWF, GCW, WCW Australia
Trent Acid29 yearsJune 18, 2010Drug overdoseROH, CZW, BJPW, JCW

Wrestler Deaths for Age 30-40

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Rick McGraw30 YearsNovember 1, 1985Heart attackWWF, NWA, MACW, GCW
Jay Youngblood30 YearsSeptember 2, 1985Heart attackAWA, NWA, MACW, MLW, CWF, AJPW
Larry Sweeney30 YearsApril 11, 2011Suicide by hangingChikara, IWC, ROH, CZW
Giant Ochiai30 YearsAugust 8, 2003Subdural hematomaBattlarts, WJ
Hollie Stevens30 YearsJuly 3, 2012breast cancer and brain cancerunknown
Zubair Jhara30 YearsSeptember 10, 1991Heart failure NJPW
Pierre Lefebvre30 YearsDecember 24, 1985Car accident GCW, WWF, Lutte Internationale, NWA, UWF
Ed Gantner31 YearsDecember 31, 1990Suicide by gunshot CWF
Gene Lipscomb31 YearsMay 10, 1963Drug overdose NWA, NWA San Francisco
Frank Speer31 YearsJune 10, 1938Bronchial pneumonia unknown
Scott Peterson31 YearsJuly 25, 1994Motorcycle accident PNW, NWA
Kazuharu Sonoda31 YearsNovember 28, 1987Died aboard South African Airways Flight 295 AJPW, NWA, WCCW, CWF, MACW
Joey Marella31 YearsJuly 4, 1994Car CrashReferee for WWF
Jaime Cardriche32 YearsJuly 28, 2000Complications during gall bladder surgeryPacific Wrestling Alliance, independent circuit
Steve Bradley32 YearsJuly 28, 2000UnknownWWF/WWE, PPW, OVW, NECW, HWA
Adam Firestorm32 YearsNovember 5, 2009SuicideECCW, Stampede Wrestling, various promotions in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest
Kris Travis32 yearsMarch 31, 2016Stomach cancerTNA, RPW, PCW, ICW, PROGRESS
Sorakichi Matsuda32 yearsAugust 16, 1891ConsumptionN/A
Frank Townsend32 yearsMay 15, 1965Drowning (boating accident)NWA, CWC, NWA St. Louis, JWA
Crash Holly32 yearsNovember 6, 2003Suicide by drug overdose and alcohol poisoningWWF/E, Funking Conservatory, APW, TNA
Buzz Sawyer32 yearsFebruary 7, 1992Cocaine induced Heart attackNWA, WWF, UWF, WCCW, MACW, WCW
Billy McCrary32 yearsJuly 14, 1979Motorcycle accidentNWA, NJPW
Chris Candido33 yearsApril 28, 2005Acute pneumoniaWCW, WWF, ECW, SMW, NJPW, TNA
Adrian Adonis33 yearsJuly 4, 1988Car accidentAWA, WWF, NJPW, CWF, GCW, ASW
Eddie Gilbert33 yearsFebruary 18, 1995Heart attackNWA, WCW, UWF, WWF, USWA, ECW
José Aarón Alvarado Nieves33 yearsOctober 27, 1999InfectionCMLL, UWA
Kerry Von Erich33 yearsFebruary 18, 1993Suicide by gunshotWCCW, NWA, UWF, WWF
Paul E. Normous33 yearsJanuary 16, 2009Drug overdoseOVW, ECWA, independent circuit
The Renegade33 yearsFebruary 23, 1999Suicide by gunshotWCW, WAR
Test33 yearsMarch 13, 2009Drug overdoseWWF/E, Funking Conservatory, TNA
Michel Martel33 yearsJune 30, 1978Heart attack after matchStampede Wrestling, WWC, IWE, NWA
D.J. Peterson33 yearsMay 25, 1993Motorcycle accidentAWA, WWF, UWF, NWA
Neil Superior33 yearsAugust 23, 1996Confrontation with policeNational Wrestling League, IWCCW; SAPW, WCW
Moondog Mayne33 yearsAugust 13, 1978Car accidentNWA, WWWF, PNW
Gran Naniwa33 yearsOctober 6, 2010Heart attackMichinoku Pro, AJPW, ECW, WAR, NJPW
Karsten Beck33 yearsOctober 15, 2020Brain CancerWXW, BJPW, CZW
Damian Steele33-34 yearsJuly 22, 2009Brain aneurysmGCW, NWA Wildside, TCW, WWE, DSW
Danny Havoc34 yearsMay 31, 2020Unknown (possibly suicide)CZW, GCW, WXW, ICW, BJPW, IWA Mid-South
Espectrito II34 yearsJune 30, 2009PoisonedAAA, WWF
La Parkita34 yearsJune 30, 2009PoisonedAAA, CMLL
El Hijo de Cien Caras34 yearsNovember 29, 2010ShotWCW, Innovate Wrestling
Chase Tatum34 yearsMarch 23, 2008Drug overdoseIWA MS, CZW
Brain Damage34 yearsOctober 18, 2012Apparent suicideWWF, AWA, NJPW, UWA
Yokozuna34 yearsOctober 23, 2000Heart attackWCW, ECW, GWF, AJPW
Bobby Duncum, Jr.34 yearsJanuary 24, 2000Accidental prescription drug overdoseWWF, Stampede Wrestling, NJPW, CWA
Owen Hart34 yearsMay 23, 1999Fall from roof of Kemper Arena (during botched stunt)ECW, WWC, XPW
Big Dick Dudley34 yearsMay 16, 2002Kidney failureNWA
Wayne Munn34 yearsJanuary 9, 1931Bright’s diseaseCMLL, wrestled in various promotions in Japan and Australia
Thunder34-35 yearsJune 30, 2016Stomach cancerCMLL, wrestled in various promotions in Japan and Australia
Andy Kaufman35 yearsMay 16, 1984Kidney failure from lung cancerCWA
Chris Duffy35 yearsAugust 25, 2000Brain aneurysmWWF, IWF, independent circuit
Dino Casanova35 yearsMarch 1, 2002Heart attackWCW, independent circuit, MEWF
Mike Lozansky35 yearsDecember 18, 2003Heart attackStampede Wrestling, NJPW, CMLL, USWA, ECW
Scott Irwin35 yearsSeptember 5, 1987Cancer, also reported as Brain aneurysmWWWF, UWF, CWF, AWA, Lutte Internationale
Marianna Komlos35 yearsSeptember 26, 2004Breast cancerWWF
Brian Pillman35 yearsOctober 5, 1997Arteriosclerotic heart diseaseStampede Wrestling, WCW, ECW, WWF
Miguel Ángel Delgado35 yearsFebruary 7, 1983LeukemiaEMLL
Perro Aguayo Jr.35 yearsMarch 21, 2015Cervical spine trauma in matchAAA, CMLL, Perros del Mal
Lionheart36 yearsJune 19, 2019SuicideICW, PCW
Dean Hart36 yearsNovember 21, 1990Bright’s diseaseStampede Wrestling, NWA Hawaii, WSS
Emory Hale36 yearsJanuary 28, 2006Kidney failureWCW, XWF
Freddie Sweetan36 yearsJuly 26, 1974House fireNWA, Stampede Wrestling, CSW, MACW
Shoichi Arai36 yearsMay 16, 2002Suicide by hangingFMW promoter
Gary Albright36 yearsJanuary 7, 2000Heart attack in matchStampede Wrestling, UWFi, AJPW, ECW
Pitbull36 yearsSeptember 25, 2003Drug overdoseECW, CWA, NJPW
Jerry Tuite36 yearsDecember 6, 2003Heart attackWCW, TNA, PCW, AJPW
Umaga36 yearsDecember 4, 2009Heart attack caused by combined drug intoxicationWWE, TNA, HWA, WXW, AJPW
Ray36 yearsAugust 30, 2018Brain tumorSmash, WNC, Shimmer, Ice Ribbon, JWP
Mike Bell37 yearsDecember 14, 2008Heart attack (drug overdose)WWF, ECW, UPW
Buford Pusser37 yearsAugust 21, 1974Car accidentUWF Mid-South
Pak Song37 yearsApril, 1982Marfan’s syndromeNWA, WSS, AJPW, CWF
Sam McVey37 yearsDecember 23, 1921pneumoniaWrestled in Australia
Brian Hildebrand37 yearsSeptember 8, 1999Stomach and bowel cancerSMW, ECW, referee for WCW
Joey Maggs37 yearsOctober 15, 2006Cardiac ArrestWCW, WWF, SMW, USWA
Leroy Brown37 yearsSeptember 6, 1988Heart attackNWA, CWF, NJPW, UWF
Abismo Negro37 yearsMarch 22, 2009DrowningAAA, CMLL, WWF, TNA
Espanto I37-38 yearsMay 30, 1968BeatenEMLL
Eddie Guerrero38 yearsNovember 13, 2005Arteriosclerotic heart diseaseEMLL, AAA, NJPW, ECW, WCW, WWF/E
John Kronus38 yearsJuly 18, 2007Heart failureECW, USWA, CZW, WAR, XPW
Victor The Bodyguard38 yearsJune 20, 2004Heart attackIWA-Puerto Rico, WWC
Tim Arson38 yearsJanuary 7, 2015UnknownWWE, WWC, Independent circuit
Chip Fairway38 yearsApril 9, 2011UnknownHWA, IWA Mid-South
Wolf38 yearsFebruary 2, 2011UnknownNWA, ECW, JAPW, Independent circuit
Danno O’Mahony38 yearsNovember 5, 1950Car accidentNWA
Aleksander Aberg38 yearsFebruary 20, 1920PneumoniaN/A
Chabela Romero38 yearsApril 19, 1985UnknownAJW, CMLL, UWA
Brian Danovich38 yearsAugust 9, 2018SuicideWWE, DSW, Independent circuit
Bison Smith38 yearsNovember 22, 2011Heart complicationsIWA ROH, WWC, APW, Pro Wrestling Noah
Matt Cappotelli38 yearsJune 29, 2018Brain cancerOVW, WWE
Nate Hatred38-39 yearsSeptember 1, 2018Car accidentCZW, BJPW, independent circuit
Villano II39 yearsApril 17, 1989Suicide by hangingUWA, EMLL
Black Demon39 yearsApril 16, 2020Complications from COVID-19Various Mexican promotions
George Kennedy39 yearsOctober 19, 1921Complications from Spanish fluPromoter for wrestling in Montreal
El Solitario39 yearsApril 6, 1986Cardiac arrest during operationUWA, EMLL
Skull Murphy39 yearsMarch 23, 1970Suicide by drug overdoseGCW, WWWF, WCW Australia, Studio Wrestling
Hercules Cortez39 yearsJuly 23, 1971Car accidentAWA, WCW Australia, NWA
Fabián el Gitano39 yearsMarch 17, 2011Pancreatic hemorrhageCMLL
BellaDonna39 yearsJanuary 21, 2019UnknownTNA
Johnny Grunge39 yearsFebruary 16, 2006Sleep apnea complicationsECW, WCW, WWF, 3PW, TCW
Rikidōzan39 yearsDecember 15, 1963Peritonitis (as result of stabbing)NWA, JWA
British Bulldog39 yearsMay 18, 2002Heart attackStampede Wrestling, WWF, AJPW, ECW, WCW
Ashley Massaro39 yearsMay 16, 2019Apparent suicide (Suicide by hanging)WWE
Shad Gaspard39 yearsMay 17, 2020DrowningWWE, OVW, FCW, JAPW, IGF, NWA Wildside

Wrestler Deaths for Age 40-50

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Chris Benoit40 yearsJune 24, 2007Suicide by hangingStampede Wrestling, NJPW, ECW, WCW, WWF/E
Brady Boone40 yearsDecember 15, 1998Car accidentPNW, MACW, WCW, WWF
Terry Gordy40 yearsJuly 16, 2001Blood clotWCCW, NWA, WCW, ECW, WWF, AJPW
Frank Gotch40 yearsDecember 16, 1917Uremic poisoningNWA
Don Eagle40 yearsMarch 17, 1966Suicide by gunshotAWA, NWA Chicago, NWA
Shinya Hashimoto40 yearsJuly 11, 2005Brain aneurysmNJPW, Zero1, Stampede Wrestling
Chris Kanyon (Christopher Klucsarits)40 yearsApril 2, 2010Suicide by drug overdoseWCW, WWF/E, ECW, SMW, NWA Shockwave
Cincinnati Red40 yearsMarch 20, 2015Heart attackNWC, EWF, independent circuit
Ray Combs40 yearsJune 2, 1996Suicide commentator for WWF
Vivian Vachon40 yearsAugust 25, 1991Car accidentAWA, WWWF, CWF, International Wrestling, NWA
Rick Rude40 yearsApril 20, 1999Heart failurevCWF, WCCW, WWF, ECW, WCW
Rhonda Sing40 yearsJuly 27, 2001Heart attackWWF, WCW, Stampede Wrestling, AJW, WWC
Robert Swenson40 yearsAugust 18, 1997Heart failureWCCW, GWF, WCW
George Kotsonaros40 yearsJuly 13, 1933Car accidentN/A
Gulam40 years1901Cholerawrestled in Europe and India
Hack Meyers41 yearsDecember 5, 2015Complications from brain surgeryECW, FOW, IPW, Funking Conservatory
Brodie Lee32 yearsDecember 26, 2020Lung issuesWWE, AEW, NXT, Dragon Gate, Chikara, FCW
Jackie Sato32 yearsAugust 9, 1999Stomach cancerAJW, JWPW
Yusuf İsmail32 yearsJuly 4, 1898Drowned aboard the SS La BourgogneN/A
John Foti32 yearsApril 29, 1969SuicideStampede Wrestling, NWA, AWA, WWWF
Jerry London32 yearsSeptember 20, 1970Suicide (overdose of sleeping pills)NWA, CWC, Stampede Wrestling, MLW
Justice Pain32 yearsJanuary 24, 2020UnknownCZW, XPW, IPW, JAPW, BJW
Billy Travis33 yearsNovember 23, 2002Heart attackCWA, USWA, WWF, PPW
Alan Carnill33 yearsJanuary 25, 2004Car accidentIWF Promotions, independent circuit
Atsushi Aoki33 yearsJune 3, 2019Motorcycle accidentAJPW, Noah, AAA
Larry Cameron33 yearsDecember 13, 1993Heart attack in matchStampede Wrestling, NWA, AWA, CWA
Big Boss Man33 yearsSeptember 22, 2004Heart attackWCW, MACW, WWF, AJPW, UWF, IWA Japan
Herb Abrams33 yearsJuly 23, 1996Cocaine induced heart attackUniversal Wrestling Federation promoter
Mike Awesome33 yearsFebruary 17, 2007Suicide by hangingAJPW, FMW, ECW, WCW, WWF, MLW
Biff Wellington33 yearsJune 24, 2007Heart attackStampede Wrestling, WCW, NJPW
Kimbo Slice33 yearsJune 6, 2016Heart attackIGF
Ray Candy33 yearsMay 23, 1994Heart attackNWA, AJPW, WWC, NJPW, WCW
Randy Anderson33 yearsMay 5, 2002Testicular cancerreferee for NWA, WCW
Bruiser Brody33 yearsJuly 17, 1988MurderedNWA, AJPW, WWWF, WCCW
Miss Elizabeth33 yearsMay 1, 2003Drug overdoseWWF, WCW, ICW
John Tenta33 yearsJune 7, 2006Bladder cancerWWF, WCW, ASW, AJPW
John Ayers33-34 yearsOctober 2, 1995Liver cancerUWF
Hiromichi Fuyuki34 yearsMarch 19, 2003Intestinal cancerAJPW, NJPW, FMW
Xavier34 yearsAugust 16, 2020UnknownROH, WWE, ECWA, JAPW, NEW, CW
Brian Adams34 yearsAugust 13, 2007Drug overdosePNW, NJPW, WWF, WCW, AJPW
Georg Lurich34 years20-Jan-20TyphusN/A
Harold Angus34 yearsAugust 1948shooting accidentN/A
Nancy Benoit34 yearsJune 22, 2007MurderedCWF, ECW, WCW
Rocky Hata34 yearsOctober 27, 1991Complications from diabetesAJPW, CSW, GCW, NWA Tri-State, CWF
Viscera34 yearsFebruary 18, 2014Heart attackWWF/E, AJPW, USWA, TNA, Memphis Wrestling
Sean O’Haire34 yearsSeptember 8, 2014Suicide by hangingWCW, OVW, WWF/E, NJPW, UPW
Héctor Garza34 yearsMay 26, 2013Lung cancerCMLL, Perros del Mal, WCW, WWF
Corey Maclin34 yearsJuly 31, 2013Car crashannouncer for USWA, PPW, Memphis Wrestling
Tony Rumble34-35 yearsNovember 13, 1999Heart attackNWA New England, ICW, IWCCW, WCW
Reggie White35 yearsDecember 26, 2004SarcoidosisWCW, WWF
Ángel Azteca35 yearsMarch 18, 2007Heart attackafter match AAA, CMLL, UWA
Goga Pehlwan35 yearsFebruary 6, 1981Died in the ringWrestled only in India
Doctor X35 yearsOctober 11, 2011ShotCMLL
Mark Frear35 yearsMay 11, 2014UnknownWWF, USWA, MEWF, independent circuit
Carl Abs35 yearsFebruary 18, 1895Liver and kidney failureN/A
Balls Mahoney35 yearsApril 12, 2016Heart attackECW, SMW, WWF/E
Eric The Red35 yearsNovember 16, 1978Car accidentWWWF, NWF, IWA, AWA, NJPW, CWF
Koichiro Kimura35 yearsOctober 28, 2014PneumoniaAJPW, DDT Pro-Wrestling, W*ING, WJ
Danny Fargo36 yearsDecember 26, 2003CancerWWC, CWA, NWA, SWCW
Kevin Randleman36 yearsFebruary 11, 2016Heart attack and pneumoniaAJPW, Zero1, Hustle
Axl Rotten36 yearsFebruary 4, 2016Drug overdoseECW, MEWF, IWA Mid-South, WCW, WWE
Dino Bravo36 yearsMarch 11, 1993ShotNWA, AWA, Lutte Internationale, WWF
Curt Hennig36 yearsFebruary 10, 2003Combined drug intoxicationAWA, PNW, WWF/E, WCW, TNA
Jorge González36 yearsSeptember 22, 2010Diabetes and severe heart issuesWCW, WWF, NJPW
Nurullah Hasan36 years1912Unknown N/A
Bam Bam Bigelow36 yearsJanuary 19, 2007Drug overdoseCWA, WWF/E, ECW, WCW, NJPW
Jerry Blackwell36 yearsJanuary 22, 1995Complications from car accidentAWA, WWWF, NWA, MACW, AJPW
Mike Davis36 yearsDecember 26, 2001Heart attackCWA, MACW, WCCW, GWF, WCW
Iron Mike DiBiase37 yearsJuly 2, 1969Heart attackAWA, NWA, WCCW, CSW
Junkyard Dog37 yearsJune 2, 1998Car accidentStampede Wrestling, IWE, NWA, UWF, WWF, WCW
Peter Maivia37 yearsJune 13, 1982CancerNWA, AWA, NJPW, NWA Hawaii, WWWF
Toni Adams37 yearsJune 24, 2010Heart attackUWF, WCCW, USWA
Jean Pusie37 yearsApril 21, 1956Heart attackwrestled various promotions in Quebec
Val Puccio37 yearsJanuary 7, 2011Believed to be obesityAJPW, WWF, ECW
Aya Koyama37 yearsAugust 27, 2018CancerAJW, BJW, JWPW
Chyna37 yearsApril 17, 2016Medication overdoseWWF, NJPW, TNA
Maximum Capacity (Michael Stanco)37-38 yearsAugust 21, 2014Colorectal cancerNWA, FOW, Zero1, wrestled in various promotions in the US and Europe
Bestia Salvaje38 yearsMarch 20, 2008Liver diseaseCMLL
Floyd Creatchman38 yearsOctober 26, 2003Crohn’s disease LutteInternationale, NWA Detroit
Víctor Quiñones38 yearsApril 1, 2006UnknownIWA
Argentina Apollo (Vincente Denigris)38 yearsAugust 2, 1984Heart attackWWWF, NWA, CWF, MACW, AJPW, IWA
Magnificent Maurice (Eugene Dubuque)38 yearsMarch 13, 1974Plane crashWWWF, NWA, AWA, NWA San Francisco, NWA Hawaii
Herman Hickman38 yearsApril 25, 1958UnknownNWA
Brian Christopher38 yearsJuly 29, 2018Suicide by hangingv WWF/E, USWA, TNA, Memphis Wrestling
Tom Burton38 yearsMarch 29, 2010Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseUSWA, GWF, UWFi, WCW
Gus Sonnenberg38 yearsSeptember 9, 1944LeukemiaNWA, DWU
Sam Sheppard38 yearsApril 6, 1970Wernicke encephalopathyv NWA Los Angeles
Mr. Niebla38 yearsDecember 23, 2019Blood infectionCMLL, AAA
Chris Adams38 yearsOctober 7, 2001ShotWCCW, UWF, SCW, WCW, Joint Promotions, AWF
Road Warrior Hawk38-39 yearsOctober 19, 2003Heart attackAWA, NWA, AJPW, WWF, WCW, NJPW
André the Giant39 yearsJanuary 27, 1993Congestive heart failureNWA, NJPW, IWE, AWA, WWF, AJPW
Mitsuharu Misawa39 yearsJune 13, 2009Cervical spinal cord injury in match[citation needed]AJPW, Pro Wrestling Noah, NJPW, NWA, ROH
Hercules39 yearsMarch 6, 2004Heart diseaseNWA, WWF, NJPW, WCW, CWF, NWA St. Louis
Man Mountain Mike39 yearsApril 30, 1988Heart attackNWA, AWA, WWWF
Dan Kolov39 yearsMarch 26, 1940TuberculosisN/A
Hayabusa39 yearsMarch 3, 2016Subarachnoid hemorrhageFMW, ECW, CMLL, AJPW
Rosey39 yearsApril 17, 2017Congestive heart failureWWE, HWA, WXW, ECW, AJPW
Big John Studd39 yearsMarch 20, 1995Liver cancerNWA, AWA, WWF, NAWA
Ludvig Borga39 yearsJanuary 8, 2010Suicide by gunshotNJPW, WWF, CWA
Ángel Blanco39 yearsApril 26, 1986Car crashEMLL, UWA, NJPW
Bob Konovsky39 yearsMarch 6, 1982UnknownNWA, NWA Chicago
Luther Lindsay39 yearsFebruary 21, 1972Heart attack in matchNWA, Stampede Wrestling, PNW, MACW
El Texano39 yearsJanuary 15, 2006PneumoniaUWA, WCW, CMLL, AAA
Doc Dean48August 14, 2018Heart attackAll Star Wrestling, WCW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, European Wrestling Federation (France)
Yukon Eric48January 16, 1965Suicide by gunshotNWA, MLW, AWA
Cousin Junior48January 13, 2009Heart attackWWF, CWA, NWA, USWA
Fuzzy Cupid481976UnknownWWWF, NWA
Harley Saito48December 15, 2016Esophageal cancerLadies Legend Pro-Wrestling, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling
Mark Young48February 25, 2016UnknownWWF, WCW, PNW, AJPW
Don Ross48June 2, 1995Heart attackNWAHW, NWA
Clarence Weber48November 20, 1930Coronary occlusionwrestled only in Australia
Dennis Coralluzzo48July 21, 2001Bleeding on the brain due to a strokeNWA New Jersey promoter
Gorgeous George48December 26, 1963Heart attackNWA
Ray Gunkel48August 1, 1972Heart attack after matchNWA, GCW
Luna Vachon48August 27, 2010Drug overdoseCWF, WWF, WCW, ECW
Steve Doll48March 22, 2009Blood clotWWF, PNW, WCW, AJPW, IWA Mid-South, USWA
Sheik Ali49September 29, 1976CancerWCW Australia, Joint Promotions, and various international promotions
Dean Detton49February 23, 1958Suicideby hanging NWA
La Fiera49September 12, 2010StabbedEMLL, AAA, AJPW, NJPW
Kung Fu49January 3, 2001Arterial hypertensionEMLL, UWA
Ray Steele49September 11, 1949Heart attackNWA
Piratita Morgan49July 8, 2018Health issuesEMLL, WWC, AAA, WWF, WWA, TNA
Sherri Martel49June 15, 2007Drug overdoseAWA, WWF, WCW, ECW
Dick Murdoch49June 15, 1996Heart attackCWF, NWA, WWF, AJPW, NJPW, WCW,
Rocco Rock49September 21, 2002Heart attackECW, NWA, WCW, WWF
Jumbo Tsuruta49May 13, 2000Complications of a liver transplantAJPW, NWA, AWA
Espectrito49January 23, 2016UnknownEMLL, AAA, WWF, IWA Puerto Rico
Supreme49May 9, 2020Heart attackXPW, FMW, BJW, various California and Mexican promotions
Jack Claybourne49January 7, 1960Suicide by gunshotNWA, NWA Hawaii, MLW
Dr. Death Steve Williams49December 29, 2009Throat cancerMid-South/UWF, NWA, WWF, WCW, AJPW, ECW

Wrestler Deaths for Age 50-60

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Armstrong40 yearsNovember 1, 2012Heart attackWCW, NWA, SMW, NJPW, WWE
Mark Starr40 yearsJune 7, 2013Heart attackWCW, CWF, CWA, WWF, PWFG
The French Angel40 yearsSeptember 4, 1954Cardiovascular diseaseAWA, NWA, NWA Tri-State
Ivan Gomes40 yearsMarch 2, 1990Renal illnessNJPW
Kızılcıklı Mahmut40 yearsFebruary 3, 1931UnknownN/A
Lucifer40 yearsJune 21, 2011CancerMEWF, IPWA, ECWA, MCW
Yakov Kozalchik40 yearsJune 13, 1953Starvation from depressionWrestled only in Israel
Paul Pons40 yearsApril 13, 1915DrowningN/A
Matematico II40 yearsJune 4, 2020Complications from COVID-19UWA, AAA
Malcolm Kirk40 yearsAugust 24, 1987Heart attack in matchJoint Promotions, CWA, All Star Wrestling
Bearcat Wright40 yearsAugust 28, 1982Sickle cell anemiaNWA, CWC, Stampede Wrestling, CWF, NJPW
Villano I40 yearsJanuary 4, 2001Cerebral hemorrhageUWA, CMLL
Kerry Brown40 yearsSeptember 10, 2009Liver failureStampede Wrestling, GPW, WWC, NWA, NJPW
Moondog Spot40 yearsNovember 29, 2003Heart attack in matchWWF, CWA, NWA Mid-America, USWA
Emmanuel Yarbrough40 yearsDecember 21, 2015Heart attackCWA
Silver King41 yearsMay 11, 2019Stroke (in ring) and followed by heart attackUWA, WCW, CMLL, AJPW, NJPW, AAA
Arkangel de la Muerte32 yearsJune 13, 2018Cardiac arrestCMLL
Jun Izumida32 yearsJanuary 25, 2017Heart attackAJPW, NOAH
Azumafuji Kin’ichi32 yearsJuly 31, 1973Colon cancerJWA, NWA Hawaii
Harvey Martin32 yearsDecember 24, 2001Pancreatic cancerWWF, WCCW, GWF
Paul Varelans32 yearsJanuary 16, 2021Coma from COVID-19ECW, Kingdom
Frankie Williams32 yearsApril 23, 1991Lung CancerWWWF/WWF
Renato Gardini33 yearsSeptember 29, 1940UnknownN/A
Jimmy Jackson33 yearsJune 17, 2008unknownUWF Mid-South, WWF, MACW
Black Cat33 yearsJanuary 28, 2006Heart attackUWA, NJPW, AAA, WCW
Gene Anderson33 yearsOctober 31, 1991Heart attackAWA, GCW, MACW
Jim Jefferson33 yearsFebruary 8, 2013UnknownMACW, CWA, CSW, CWF
Ady Berber33 yearsJanuary 3, 1966Unknownwrestled only in Austria and Germany
Iron Mike Steele33 yearsAugust 29, 2007MurderCWF, Independent circuit
El Brazo33 yearsOctober 15, 2013DiabetesWWA, AAA, UWA, CMLL
Espantito33 yearsOctober 12, 2020Complications from COVIDAAA, NWA, independent circuit, various promotions in Mexico
Tonina Jackson33 yearsNovember 3, 1969Possibly complications from health issuesEMLL, NWA, WCCW, WWWF
Ivan Linow33 yearsNovember 21, 1940Heart attackN/A
Trevor Berbick33 yearsOctober 28, 2006MurderUWFi
Karol Kalmikoff33 yearsSeptember 11, 1964heart attackNWA, AWA, NWA Tri-State, MLW
Giant Haystacks33 yearsNovember 29, 1998LymphomaStampede Wrestling, Joint Promotions CWA, AJPW, WCW
Troy ‘The Hippie’ Graham33-34 yearsMarch 7, 2002Heart attackAWA, CWA, NWA, USWA
Nicole Bass34 yearsFebruary 17, 2017Heart attackWWF, ECW
Jimmy Del Ray34 yearsDecember 6, 2014Heart attackSMW, WWF, ECW, WCW
Silo Sam34 yearsApril 19, 2005Unknown (probably related to Gigantism)WCCW, AWA
Rockin’ Rebel34 yearsJune 1, 2018Suicide by gunshotECW, CZW, independent circuit
Buddy Austin34 yearsAugust 12, 1981Heart attackWWWF, NWA, JWA
John Cozman34 yearsNovember 28, 2016UnknownStampede Wrestling, HIW, independent circuit
Doug Furnas34 yearsMarch 2, 2012Heart attackAJPW, WWF, ECW
Paul Luty34 yearsJanuary 12, 1985UnknownJoint Promotions
Ski Hi Lee34 years1974Believed to be acromegalyStampede Wrestling, NWA
Mike Shaw34 yearsSeptember 11, 2010Heart attackStampede Wrestling, WCW, WWF
Ion Croitoru34 yearsFebruary 21, 2017UnknownWWF, NJPW, SMW
Danny Little Bear34-35 yearsMay 12, 1991Liver cancerNWA, Stampede Wrestling, CSW, GCCW
Aníbal35 yearsMarch 4, 1994Brain tumorEMLL/CMLL, UWA
Ryuma Go35 yearsOctober 18, 2009Blood poisoningNJPW, JWA, ASW, AJPW, WAR, AWA
Anton Koolmann35 yearsJune 29, 1953unknownN/A
Buddy Landel35 yearsJune 22, 2015Injuries from a car accidentNWA, WCW, MACW, SMW, USWA, WWF
Johnny Rougeau35 yearsMay 25, 1983CancerIWA Montreal, BTW, NWA, ASW
Ken Timbs35 yearsAugust 1, 2004Cardiomyopathy and Congestive heart failureMACW, GCW, EMLL, CSW, CWF
Curly Moe35 yearsJuly 1, 2015UnknownIWCCW
Larry O’Dea35 yearsJune 30, 1997Liver cancerWCW Australia, CWF, AJPW
Taro Miyake35 years1935UnknownN/A
Angel of Death36 yearsNovember 25, 2007UnknownStampede Wrestling, UWF, GWF, WCW
Jonathan Boyd36 yearsAugust 7, 1999Heart attackWCW Australia, NWA, PNW, CWA
Väinö Myllyrinne36 yearsApril 13, 1963Acromegalywrestled in Europe
Bob Fitzsimmons36 yearsOctober 22, 1917PneumoniaN/A
Puppet the Psycho Dwarf36 yearsSeptember 9, 2020leader of Half Pint Brawlers and appeared in Jackass 3DTNA, WWA, Independent Circuit
Ted Oates36 yearsAugust 10, 2010Heart attackNWA, GCW, CSW, NWA Mid-Atlantic, AJPW, SMW
Discovery36 yearsMay 15, 2020CancerAAA, UWA, WWF
Benny McCrary36 yearsMarch 26, 2001Heart attackNWA, NJPW
La Parka II36 yearsJanuary 11, 2020Lung and kidney failure (in ring)AAA, IWRG, DDT Pro-Wrestling, wrestled in various promotions in Mexico
The Ultimate Warrior36 yearsApril 8, 2014Heart attackWWF, CWA, WCWA, WCW
Uncle Elmer37 yearsJuly 1, 1992DiabetesCWA, WWF
Jos LeDuc37 yearsMay 1, 1999Lung infectionNWA, Lutte Internationale, AWA, WWF, CWA, CWF, GCW
Lionel Conacher37 yearsMay 26, 1954Heart attackwrestled only in Canada
Dory Funk, Sr.37 yearsJune 3, 1973Heart attackWSS, NWA, AWA, NWA St. Louis, WWWF
Tommy Rogers37 yearsJune 1, 2015UnknownUWF, NWA, AJPW, WCW, WWF, ECW
Pez Whatley37 yearsJanuary 18, 2005Heart attackCWF, NWA, WWF, WCW
Yoshihiro Momota37 yearsNovember 22, 2000liver failureAJPW
Hergeleci İbrahim37 years1917unknownwrestled only in Turkey
Haystacks Calhoun37-38 yearsDecember 7, 1989DiabetesWWWF, NWA
Matt Borne38 yearsJune 28, 2013Drug overdosePNW, WCCW, UWF, WWF, WCW, ECW
Eddie Graham38 yearsJanuary 21, 1985Multiple gunshot suicideWWWF, CWF, NWA
Koji Kitao38 yearsFebruary 10, 2019Kidney diseaseSWS, NJPW, WWF, WAR
Universo 200038 yearsMay 1, 2018Heart problemsCMLL, AAA, IWRG
MS-138 yearsJanuary 12, 2012Car accidentCMLL, AAA, UWA
Antonino Rocca38 yearsMarch 15, 1977Urinary infectionWWWF, NWA
Diane Von Hoffman38 yearsJuly 6, 2017Complications from knee surgeryUSWA, CWA, LPWA, LMLW
Antonio Peña38 yearsOctober 5, 2006Heart attackfounder of AAA, CMLL
Hans Nijman38 yearsNovember 5, 2014Murder (shot)Fighting Network Rings
Danie Brits38 yearsSeptember 3, 2020UnknownWWP, various South African Promotions
Timothy Well38 yearsJanuary 9, 2017Kidney failureAJPW, USWA, WWF, WCW
Max Muscle38 yearsJune 27, 2019UnknownWCW, USWA, GWF, MCW, XPW
Moondog King38-39 yearsAugust 26, 2005Injuries from a car accident and health issuesWWF, Lutte Internationale
Dave McKigney39 yearsJuly 4, 1988Car accidentMLW, WWWF, NWA, NJPW
Espanto III39 yearsDecember 8, 1996heart attackEMLL
Cowboy Lang39 yearsJanuary 4, 2007Complications from homelessness NWA, WWF, AWA
Paul Bunyan39 yearsMay 17, 1984Heart diseaseNWA Mid-America, NWF
Garry Robbins39 yearsDecember 11, 2013Heart attackCNWA, GWF, NJPW, WWC, Indo-Asian Wrestling
Emilio Charles Jr.39 yearsDecember 28, 2012Kidney failureCMLL
Steve Gillespie39 yearsJanuary 18, 2020Heart attackWFWA, Stampede Wrestling, FMW, WWF, CNWA, Onita Pro
Walter Johnson39 yearsJune 29, 1999Heart attackNWA, BTW, WCCW
Brad Batten39 yearsNovember 18, 2014Heart attackNWA, CSW, ACCW, SMW, WWC, SSW
Kurt Von Hess39 yearsMarch 13, 1999Heart attackNWA, Lutte Internationale, All-Star, Maple Leaf Wrestling, NJPW, WWF
Bill Fralic39 yearsDecember 13, 2018CancerWWF
Ben Roller39 yearsApril 19, 1933PneumoniaN/A
Maurice Letchford39 yearsAugust 15, 1965unknownwrestled in the US, Canada, UK and South Africa
Yvon Robert56July 12, 1971Heart attackNWA, Montreal, MLW
Edwin Bibby56May 5, 1905RheumatismN/A
Buddy Rose56April 28, 2009Natural causes from obesity, blood sugar andAWA, PNW, WWF
Black Guzmán56–57December 1, 1973Unknownv CMLL, NWA
Al Green57June 14, 2013COPDv WCW, WCPW, CWF, AJPW, CWA
Brazo de Oro57April 28, 2017Heart attackv CMLL, WWA, UWA, NWA Los Angeles
Masakre57April 12, 2012Spinal cancerv CMLL, AAA
Zoogz Rift57March 22, 2011complications from diabetesv UWF
The Grand Wizard57October 12, 1983Heart attackv NWA, WWWF/WWF
Jerry Balisok57April 18, 2013Heart attackv GCW, CWF
Shag Thomas57July 25, 1982Heart attackv Stampede Wrestling, PNW
Paddy Ryan57December 28, 1989Heart attackv Stampede Wrestling, PNW, NWA All-Star Wrestling
Brickhouse Brown57July 29, 2018Prostate cancerAWA, WWF, CWA, USWA
Chris Champion57August 22, 2018Believed to be a stroke
Akram Pahalwan57April 12, 1987Unknownwrestled in India, Pakistan, Joint Promotions and various international promotions
Fred Beell57August 5, 1933ShotN/A
Bert Ruby57March 9, 1968Heart attackNWA, promoter for NWA Detroit
Samson Kutsuwada57 October 12, 2004JWA, AJPW
Don Vines57September 17, 1989UnknownJoint Promotions
Blimp Levy57–58November 8, 1961Believed to be complications from obesityNWA
Helen Hild58March 4, 1984Lung infectionNWA, WWWF
Paul Bearer58March 5, 2013Heart attackWWF, CWF, WCCW, USWA, TNA
Gran Apache58May 7, 2017Intestinal cancerCMLL, AAA, IWA Japan
Kevin Greene58December 21, 2020To Be DeterminedWCW
Dwaine Hoberg58August 6, 1984promoter for AWA
Ripper Collins58November 12, 1991MelanomaNWA Hawaii, AWA, GCCW, Stampede Wrestling
Randy58May 20, 2011Cardiovascular diseaseWWF, NWA, ICW, CWA, WCW
George Tragos40 yearsSeptember 5, 1955UnknownNWA
Darryl Dawkins40 yearsAugust 27, 2015Heart attackWWF
Tarzan Tyler40 yearsDecember 24, 1985Car accidentLutte Internationale, WWWF, CWF
Bulldog Bob40 yearsFebruary 5, 1997Heart attackAWA, All-Star, NWA St. Louis, CSW
Tracey Smothers40 yearsOctober 28, 2020Lymphoma cancerCWA, WCW, SMW, WWF, ECW, IWA Mid-South
Larry Winters40 yearsJanuary 27, 2015Heart attackECW, TWA, independent circuit
Don Kent40 yearsJune 7, 1993LeukemiaNWA, WWWF, NWA Mid-America, CWF
Angel Gabriele40 yearsFebruary 23, 2016unknownWWA, PPW
Drew McDonald40 yearsFebruary 9, 2015CancerAll Star Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling, CWA
Espectro I40 yearsOctober 13, 1993UnknownEMLL
Evan “Strangler” Lewis 5940 yearsNovember 9, 1919CancerN/A
Mangla Rai40 yearsJune 24, 1976Multiple organ failureWrestled only in India
René Guajardo40 yearsMay 11, 1992Liver cancerEMLL, UWA, WCCW, CWA
Mike Marino40 yearsAugust 24, 1981LeukemiaJoint Promotions
Shota Chochishvili40 yearsAugust 27, 2009LeukemiaNJPW
Matthew Saad Muhammad41 yearsMay 25, 2014Lou Gehrig’s diseaseUWFi
Tony Parisi32 yearsAugust 19, 2000Heart attackWWWF, NWA, Lutte Internationale, MLW
Tom Zenk32 yearsDecember 9, 2017Heart attack from arterial sclerosis and cardiomegalyAWA, WWF, WCW, AJPW
Ralph Hammonds32 yearsMay 5, 1966NWA
Ernie Holmes32 yearsJanuary 17, 2008Car accident-GCW, WWF
Eddie Quinn32 yearsDecember 14, 1965Cerebral hemorrhagepromoter for wrestling in Montreal, NWA St. Louis
Skip Young32 yearsDecember 3, 2010UnknownWCCW, NWA, CWF, USWA, WWC

Wrestler Deaths for Age 60-65

NameAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathPromotions
Dynamite Kid60 yearsDecember 5, 2018Unconfirmed (context of long-term health issues including stroke)WWF, Stampede Wrestling, Joint Promotions, All Star Wrestling, NJPW
Road Warrior Animal60 yearsSeptember 22, 2020Natural Causes (heart problems and kidney issues)NWA, AWA, MACW, WWF/E, WCW, AJPW, TNA
Princess Jasmine60 yearsMay 8, 2009CancerGLOW, AWA
Mountain Fiji60 yearsJanuary 2, 2018Natural causes from years of health issuesGLOW
Rufus R. Jones60 yearsNovember 13, 1993Heart attackCSW, NWA St. Louis
Emile Czaja60 yearsMay 16, 1970CarJWA, wrestled in various promotions in Asia and India
Firpo Segura60 yearsJanuary 15, 1968Unknownv EMLL
Little Beaver60 yearsDecember 4, 1995EmphysemaLutte Internationale, WWWF, AWA, NWA
Ray Stevens60 yearsMay 3, 1996Heart attackv BTW SF, AWA, NWA, WWWF/WWF, CWF
Primo Carnera60 yearsJune 29, 1967Liver disease and complications fromNWA
Sándor Szabó60 yearsOctober 16, 1966Heart attackNWA
Stan Stasiak60 yearsMarch 9, 2019StrokeAJPW, FMW, WWF, Michinoku Pro Wrestling, ULL
Mike Graham61 yearsOctober 19, 2012Suicide by gunshotv CWF, AWA, WCW
Man Mountain Dean61 yearsMay 29, 1953Heart attackN/A
Killer Karl Krupp61 yearsAugust 24, 1995HepatitisESA, GPW, WCCW, Maple Leaf Wrestling, NJPW
James McLaughlin61 yearsSeptember 11, 1905Unknownv N/A
Butcher Brannigan61 yearsSeptember 7, 2009Kidney failure and heart diseaseWCW Australia, CWF, WWWF, Stampede Wrestling, NWA
Paul Anderson61 yearsAugust 15, 1994kidney failureCWF, NWA, GCW, MACW
Cy Williams61 yearsSeptember 28, 1965UnknownNWA, NWA San Francisco
Eddy Steinblock61 yearsNovember 8, 2017UnknownVDB, CWA, owner of European Professional Wrestling, various promotions in Germany
Cocoa Samoa61 yearsJanuary 9, 2007Unknownv ASW, CWF, PNW, Continental Wrestling Association
Goldie Rogers61 yearsJuly 20, 2012Heart attackASW, MLW, Stampede Wrestling, WWF
Aslam Pahalwan61 yearsJanuary 7, 1988UnknownWrestled mainly in Pakistan and India, Joint Promotions
Jack Curley61 yearsJuly 12, 1937Heart attackpromoter for New York
Karl Pojello61 yearsSeptember 4, 1954Lung Cancerwrestled in Europe, China, Japan and the United States
Terry Garvin61 yearsAugust 17, 1998CancerGCW, IWA Montreal, CSW, NWA, SCW WWF
Roddy Piper61 yearsJuly 31, 2015Heart attack from Pulmonary embolismAWA, PNW, GCW, MLW, WWF, WCW
King Kong Bundy61 yearsMarch 4, 2019Complications from diabetesWWF, WCCW, NWA, GCW, NJPW, UWF
Boris Malenko61 yearsSeptember 1, 1994LeukemiaCWF, WWWF, GCW, NWA
Giant Baba61 yearsJanuary 31, 1999CancerJWA, AJPW, NWA
Sapphire61 yearsSeptember 11, 1996Heart attackWWF, USWA
Lofty Blomfield62 yearsJune 29, 1971UnknownDWU, NWA
Luke Brown62 yearsNovember 12, 1997StrokeAWA, WWWF, NWA, CSW
Tsuneharu Sugiyama62 yearsNovember 22, 2002UnknownJWA, AJPW, NJPW, IWE, NWA
Murciélago Velázquez62 yearsMay 26, 1972Heart attack from the Cirrhosis of the liverEMLL
Dick the Bruiser62 yearsNovember 10, 1991Internal bleedingWWA, AWA, NWA St.Louis, CSW
Earl Caddock62 yearsAugust 25, 1950Heart attack during surgeryN/A
Great Togo62 yearsDecember 19, 1973Stomach cancerNWA, JWA
Crybaby Cannon62 yearsJuly 1, 1994CancerNWA, AWA, WWWF, MLW, BTW
Mocho Cota62 yearsDecember 22, 2016Brain aneurysmEMLL/CMLL
Dr. Karonte62 yearsAugust 26, 2019UnknownEMLL/CMLL
Scott LeDoux62 yearsAugust 11, 2011Illnessreferee for AWA
Oliver Humperdink62 yearsMarch 20, 2011Complications from pneumonia and cancerMACW, CWF, WWF, WCW
Happy Humphrey62 yearsMarch 14, 1989Heart attackNWA
Lord Athol Layton62 yearsJanuary 18, 1984Heart attackNWA, MLW, NWA St.Louis
Bull Montana62 yearsJanuary 24, 1950UnknownN/A
Ron Slinker62 yearsMarch 28, 2008Liver failure from years of alcoholismCWF, NWA, IWCCW, UWF
Harold Sakata62 yearsJuly 29, 1982Liver cancerNWA, AWA, NWA Hawaii
Hiro Matsuda62 yearsNovember 27, 1999Prostate cancerJWA, CWF, WCW, NWA
Zeus62 yearsDecember 10, 2020COVID-19WWF, WWC, WCW
Ari Romero62 yearsDecember 29, 2013Liver cancerCMLL, MPW, BJPW
Frank Andersson62 yearsSeptember 9, 2018Heart failureNJPW, WCW
Gorilla Monsoon62 yearsOctober 6, 1999Heart failureWWWF/WWF, NWA
Wilbur Snyder62 yearsDecember 25, 1991Heart failureAWA, WWA, NWA St.Louis, NWA
Moondog Spike62 yearsMarch 21, 2013UnknownWWF, USWA
Wilhelm von Homburg63 yearsMarch 10, 2004Prostate cancerN/A
Tarzán López63 yearsAugust 28, 1975UnknownEMLL
Brute Bernard63 yearsJuly 14, 1984Gunshot while cleaning a rifleWCW Australia, WWWF, MACW
Brian Glover63 yearsJuly 24, 1997Brain tumorJoint Promotions
Jack Carkeek63 yearsMarch 12, 1924UnknownN/A
Duncan C. Ross63 yearsSeptember 8, 1919UnknownN/A
Savannah Jack63 yearsJanuary 17, 2012Years of Cardiomyopathy problemsAWA, UWF Mid-South
Bulldog Brower63 yearsSeptember 15, 1997Complications from hip surgeryMLW, NWA, WWWF/WWF, NWF
Big Van Vader63 yearsJune 18, 2018Heart problemsWCW, WWF, AWA, NJPW, AJPW, Pro Wrestling NOAH
Mike Clancy63 yearsJune 11, 1988UnknownNWA
Mike Hogewood63 yearsSeptember 5, 2018heart attackcommentator for ROH
Jim Neidhart63 yearsAugust 13, 2018Head injury from a fallWWF, Stampede, WCW, ECW, CWF, NJPW
Vivian St. John63 yearsDecember 20, 2013Long illnessWWWF/WWF, CWF
Ken Fenelon63 yearsAugust 8, 1972UnknownNWA
Bholu Pahalwan63 yearsJune 4, 1985Unknownwrestled only in India and Pakistan
George Dinnie63 yearsJune 13, 1939Unknownwrestled only in Australia
Wahoo McDaniel63 yearsApril 18, 2002Complications from diabetes and kidney failureWWWF, NWA, WCCW, AWA
Bad News Brown63 yearsMarch 6, 2007Heart attackWWF, NJPW, Stampede Wrestling
Big Bully Busick63 yearsMay 8, 2018Cancer in the Cerebrospinal FluidWWF, GAF, GWF
Jim Crockett63 yearsApril 1, 1973Unknownpromoter for MACW, NWA
S.D. Jones63 yearsOctober 26, 2008StrokeWWF, MACW
Bobby Jaggers64 yearsSeptember 30, 2012Kidney failure from Hepatitis CMACW, NWA, NWA St.Louis, PNW, CWF
Cousin Luke64 yearsSeptember 29, 2013Multiple sclerosis and diabetesWWF, AWA, CWF, MACW
Dale Lewis64 yearsAugust 30, 1997LeukemiaAWA, CWF, NWA
Lee Wang-pyo64 yearsSeptember 4, 2018Gallbladder cancerNJPW, AJPW
Emil Klank64 yearsJune 27, 1940heart attackN/A
Teijo Khan64 yearsApril 10, 2020UnknownAWA, CWF, NWA, MACW, PWA
Winona Littleheart64 yearsMay 9, 2020UnknownCWF, WWWF/WWF, NWA, POWW, WCW (Women’s Championship Wrestling)
Clem Turner64 yearsDecember 20, 2009car accidentAWA, WWA, NWA Detroit, NWA St.Louis
Lee Marshall64 yearsApril 26, 2014Esophageal cancerannouncer for AWA, WWF, WCW, WOW
Bob Ryder64 yearsNovember 24, 2020Multiple myelomafounder for Impact Wrestling, journalist for WWF, WCW, ECW
Iron Mike Sharpe64 yearsJanuary 17, 2016Years of health issuesCWA, ASW, MSWA, WWWA, WWF
Lizmark64 yearsDecember 16, 2015Respiratory failureEMLL, AAA, CMLL

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