Report: Pac AEW status and future speculations

While Pac will not be working the Double Or Nothing event due to creative differences, according to latest speculations he might never come to AEW in future.

PAC Neville AEW Dragon Gate

As the Dragon Gate Open The Dream Champion, Pac has not lost a match and he wanted to maintain the same with AEW until he loses his championship at Dragon Gate. It was not like that Pac was going to be defeated by Page at Double or Nothing. But the differences arose at the point of him losing to Kenny Omega in later matches.

Now, due to these differences, he might never be able to work with AEW and the Elites as per Dave Meltzer.

“Will they use [Pac] going forward? You know, not now. Will it happen later? There’s no guarantee that they ever will. I mean there’s no guarantee. If he loses the championship [in Dragon Gate], will they talk and bring him in if he wants it and they want it? Absolutely, there’s no… I don’t want to say that there’s no negativity towards it, but it’s not like close to insurmountable or even anything close to that. It’s you know, if they are able to book him you know where he wins some and loses some as it pertains — as it will be with everyone they’ll do that.”

Dave Meltzer was also asked about Pac’s current AEW contract status and he replied that Neville has a very different deal with AEW.

“Okay so he has a contract with AEW. It was not a full-time contract. It was a part-time contract which you know his contract allowed him to continue to do Dragon Gate. He wasn’t going to give up Dragon Gate. So it was a different deal than a lot of the other people.”

When Pac appeared at AEW’s first rally in Jacksonville at the start of the year, his match with Adam Page was talked to be about AEW World Heavyweight Championship. But now it seems that the recorded match with Page might remain his only link with AEW.

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