NXT Takeover: Pheonix 2019 Results and Updates

NXT Pheonix Takeover

Here are all the updates and results from NXT Takeover: Pheonix 2019 event.

NXT Tag Team Championship – The Undisputed Era vs. War Raiders

This match perfectly set up the event. The Undisputed Era’s early advantage was soon negated by the Raiders and throughout the match, no team had long spells of domination. Each time one team looked to gain an advantage, the other countered. The highly entertaining match was ended when Henson hit a springboard double back elbow on Era teammates followed by a double body slam by Rowe and a leg drop by Henson from the top of the rope.

Winner – War Raiders (New NXT Tag Team Champions)

Kassius Ohno vs. Matt Riddle

Match started with both trading blows. Riddle hit a plethora of kicks to the mid-section, but Ohno grabbed his foot and bite his toe. Ohno nailed a boot to the face and a senton, but Riddle countered a second senton with a sleeper only for Ohno to get to the ropes to force a break. Ohno pretended to offer a fist bump but Riddle hit a sleeper suplex followed by several elbows to the face resulting in Ohno tapping out and Riddle won with submission.

Winner – Matt Riddle

North-American Championship – Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano

They started with several counters and takedowns and neither man was able to gain a clear advantage. The King hit a moonsault from the middle turnbuckle to the floor. Gargano countered a hurricanrana and dropped Ricochet on the top turnbuckle. Gargano brought Ricochet out and hit a suplex on the exposed floor. He hit a DDT back in the ring to get the pin and win the North-American title in an incredible match. Awesome athletic display between these two with some incredible, innovative moves.

Winner – Johnny Gargano

NXT Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler vs. Bianca Belair

Beliar hit KOD on Shayna when the Referee was down and didn’t get the pin. Both Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke came in the ring, but Belair got the better of them. Then Baszler came back and puts Belair in the rear-naked choke, but somehow Beliar gets to her feet and powers out of it. Belair went to the top rope and jumped but misses Baszler and was put in the rear-naked choke again to power out of it once more. Baszler again put her on hold but Beliar won’t give up. She’s fading now and falls down, and finally, the referee stops the match and Shanya retained the title.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

NXT Championship – Tommaso Ciampa vs. Aleister Black

After early maneuvers and locks, both superstars sat in the ring facing each other only for Ciampa to kick on Black’s face. Balck took out Ciampa with a summersault from over the ropes. Ciampa started to focus on Black’s left knee with locks, slamming it on ring poles, announce table. Black hit a superkick when Ciampa was on the top turnbuckle and both men crashed over the top rope. Black started to regain his composure as he hit a flurry of kicks, roundhouse, and a German suplex. Ciampa hits a dragon screw and locks in a half crab. Black reversed into his own single-leg crab but was forced to release when his own leg gave out. They went back and forth with strikes and near falls in a nice sequence. Aleister hits a moonsault from the middle rope to the floor. When they got back into the ring, Ciampa hit the Fairytale Ending for a near fall. Black set up for another Black Mass but Ciampa used the ref as a shield and then rolled Black into a DDT and hit another Fairytale Ending. Ciampa lined Balck up for his finisher again, but Black escaped. He hit a roundhouse kick, but his leg gave out again, allowing Ciampa to hit yet another Fairytale Ending for the pin and the win.

Winner – Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Ciampa stood at the entrance, posing, when Johnny Gargano walked out with his newly won NXT North American Championship. The tag team partners-turned-enemies stood by side with each holding up their titles.

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