NWA Paranoia Live Event Set to Take Place on January 13, 2024

NWA Paranoia
Credits- NWA

NWA has revealed details regarding the schedule and venue of their upcoming live event.

NWA has confirmed the scheduling of NWA Paranoia, described as a fresh, signature live event, set to take place on January 13, 2024. This event is set to be held at Revolution Live situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The declaration highlighted that Paranoia is set to be included as a segment within NWA Live event television tapings and was promoted as a significant NWA Live Event.

The promotional graphic for NWA Paranoia notably displays The CW Network’s logo. Recently, episodes of NWA Powerrr were introduced on the CW App. There had been previous reports from Haus of Wrestling indicating that NWA secured two TV agreements with The CW Network.

However, on November 9, Haus of Wrestling released a report citing that the controversial cocaine reference during NWA Samhain had a detrimental effect on the deal.

On November 7, WWE and CW revealed their collaboration, announcing that NXT would transition to the network by October 2024. After that, Billy Corgan stated that NWA had an agreement with a major television network ranked among the top 20.

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