Naom Dar vs Dragon Lee Heritage Cup Set for NXT Battleground 2023

Naom Dar vs Dragon Lee Heritage Cup NXT Battleground 2023
Credits- WWE

Noam Dar will defend NXT Heritage Cup trophy against Dragon Lee at NXT Battleground 2023 event.

This will be the first time that Heritage Cup will be defended outside of NXT UK. The match was set up during a segment on this week’s NXT episode(May 16) involving Dar, Lee and Nathan Frazer.

Dragon Lee has asked to compete for Heritage Cup ever since Naom Dar brought the trophy to NXT last month. He was the guest in the inaugural Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar talkshow on NXT this week. When Lee asked for the match once again, Dar replied that Lee is not worthy of a shot at the cup despite being talented and a champion across three continents.

Nathan Frazer came out to interrupt the session and made a case of Lee getting a shot at Heritage Cup. After some provocation, Dar agreed to defend the cup against Lee at NXT Battleground 2023 while also announcing that he would face Frazer next week.

Heritage Cup matches have been contested under British Round rules in NXT UK so far, which include six 3-minute rounds, and the wrestler winning two falls(pinfall or submission) first wins the match. It is currently unclear whether the same format will continue for the trophy going forward. A-Kid(Axiom), Tyler Bate, and Mark Coffey have previously won the trophy.

NXT Battleground takes place on May 28, 2023, at Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA. The vacant NXT Women’s Championship, NXT Championship and North American Championship matches were already set for the show.

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