MJF Calls FTR Best Team in The World After AEW Collison

MJF Heel Faction on AEW Dynamite

After an intense AEW Tag Team Championship match on the July 29, 2023, episode of AEW Collision, MJF commended FTR for their outstanding performance.

During the main event of the July 29 episode of AEW Collison, FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) successfully retained their AEW Tag Team championship against Adam Cole and MJF.

During the final moments of the match, FTR tried to execute Shatter Machine on Cole, but MJF interfered, with Cole pushing away, Afterward, MJF tried to execute heat sinker DDT, but Harwood reversed and successfully pinned MJF to secure the victory. The pinfall was very unexpected for MJF.

After the match, MJF was very disappointed about his loss for his console Cole reminded him he is currently the AEW World Champion. And although MJF teased striking Cole with AEW World title, he did not, instead, he hugged Cole, which was a very surprising moment for fans.

The show ended with Cole and MJF preserving their friendship, but there was additional content shared by AEW on social media following the show.

During the segment, MJF opened up about FTR and mentioned that they are the best tag team in professional wrestling. MJF also shared the relationship between him and FTR. MJF also reminisced about his previous partnership with FTR as part of The Pinnacle.

In the end, both teams reached a mutual consensus to commemorate the occasion with tequila and pizza.

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