Hell in a Cell: Tucker Turns on Otis, Miz Grabs MITB Contract

Miz Hell in a Cell 2020

The Miz was able to win the Money in the Bank contract from Otis after Tucker turned on Otis at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 PPV.

The rivalry between The Miz & Morrison and Otis lead to this match at Hell in a Cell. At Friday’s SmackDown, JBL ordered a match between Otis and Miz in a Law & Otis segment with Money in the Bank contract on the line.

Otis dominated the major part of the match at the show tonight. As he was looking to finish off the match, Morrison grabbed hold of the MITB briefcase and tried to hit him with it. However, the referee caught him and booted him from the ringside.

That task was later shockingly completed by Otis’ former tag team partner Tucker. After Tucker hit Otis with the briefcase, Miz got the pin with a simple cover.


After the match, Tucker was asked about turning on Otis. Tucker replied that Otis gave on their tag team due to MITB & Mandy Rose. Otis was later involved in a brawl with Tucker backstage. You can check this link for complete results from Hell in a Cell 2020 PPV.

The Miz later teased cashing in the Money in the Bank contract on the newly crowned WWE Champion Randy Orton, just like he did in 2010.

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