WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Live Results & Updates

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Live Results & Updates

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 PPV from Amway Center, Orlando, FL on 25 October 2020(10/25/2020). The event will be present with WWE Thunderdome with fans joining virtually.

This year’s edition will feature 3 Hell in a Cell matches. Only the second time in the PPV’s history that it will feature 3 HIAC matches after 2016. You can visit the below link for more such statistics, rules, and more details for Hell in a Cell match.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Quick Results

Check this link for Complete Match card and Storyline

  • R-Truth(c) defeated Drew Gulak to retain 24/7 Championship
  • Roman Reigns(c) defeated Jey Uso in an “I Quit” Hell in a Cell Match to retain WWE Universal Championship
  • Elias defeated Jeff Hardy by Disqualification
  • The Miz defeated Otis to win the Money In The Bank Contract
  • Sasha Banks defeated Bayley(c) in a Hell in a Cell Match to win the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
  • Bobby Lashley(c) defeated Slapjack to retain WWE United States Championship
  • Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre(c) in a Hell in a Cell Match to win the WWE Championship


The panel discuss the matches during the pre-show which you can see in the above video.

R-Truth(c) vs Drew Gulak – WWE 24/7 Championship

R-Truth play around with the invisible Little Jimmy. Gulak also goes on and joins the act. Gulak attacks Little Jimmy to start the match. The match goes back and forth until R-Truth counters Gulak with jackknife to get the pin.

Winner – R-Truth(retains 24/7 title)

Mustafa Ali appears in a backstage promo with RETRIBUTION. He challenges MVP for a match against any member of Hurt Business.

Main Show

The main show opens with a promo footage. We cut to the arena and pyro goes off. Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso will be the first match. We get the video to hype the match with all the buildup & storyline.

Roman Reigns(c) vs Jey Uso – “I Quit” Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Universal Championship Match

Both men enters the cell. Announcements go down and we are set for the match. They circle around a bit as Jey shouts at Roman before locking down. Roman takes Jey down easily and start to beat him around. Clothesline after clothesline in the corner. Roman looks sad and annoyed at Jey already. Jey counters with a kick to the gut and sends Roman out before hitting a suicide dive. He repeats the sequence one more time. Jey slams Roman into the cage a couple of times.

Back in the ring, Uso was going for a move but Roman counters with a spear. Roman goes out to bring some weapons and Jey hits him with a dropkick. Roman catches him with an uppercut the second time. Roman enters the ring and hits a more menacing-looking spear. Roman is continuously saying something to Jey. He goes for another spear but Jey catches him with a knee and quickly hits the Uso Splash. The referee asks both men if they want to quit. Jey hits another splash from the top.

Jey brings out a leather strap and goes to hit Roman with it a few times. Roman hits another spear and Jey is now rolling on the floor but refuses to quit when the referee asks him. Roman now goes on and starts hitting Jey with the strap. Roman puts one end of the strap on Jey’s hand while putting another side on his own arm. Roman waits till Jey gets back to his feet. They go back and forth with punches until Jey gets better of Roman and strangles Roman with the strap. Roman looks like passed out and Jey untangles the strap.

Jey brings out a steel chair now. But Roman catches him with a Superman punch before Jey could use the chair. Roman then puts him in his new sleeper submission. Jey passes out but refuses to quit. Roman is also sad and annoyed about the state of the affairs. He keeps asking Jey to end this. Roman gets angry and hits Jey with a drive-by into the ring post. Then, he puts Jey in between the steel steps and ring post and hit him with another drive-by. The referee keeps asking Jey if is saying “I Quit.” Jey is silent.

The referee wants to end the match but Roman throws him out. Another referee comes in but Roman intimidates him. WWE Producer Adam Pearce and a few other WWE officials come down to the ring. But Roman shouts back at them and throws in the steel steps into the ring. He puts Jey under the steps and says some lines as he goes on to ram him with the steps square. Jimmy runs down and try to talk some sense in Roman. Roman gets emotions and starts crying. Roman then goes on and puts Jimmy into the sleeper. Jey sees this and says “I Quit” in order to save Jimmy.

Winner – Roman Reigns(retains WWE Universal Championship)

After the match, Roman raises the title in the air as the cage is raised. He goes to the stage where his father and uncle are waiting. Both of them hug Roman as the Usos watch them from the ring. It looks like Roman is anointed as the head of the Anoi’a Family.

Jeff Hardy vs Elias

Elias comes out with his guitar. He heads to the ring while performing a song, terming Jeff Hardy equal to DUI. Jeff enters and the bell rings. Jeff gets the first meaningful attack with an atomic drop. Elias turns it around and controls the match for a while.

Jeff comes back and gets a series of moves going. Hardy with a basement slide dropkick. They go back and forth some more before Hardy hits Twist of Fate. He goes for the Swanton Bomb but Elias moves out of the ring. Hardy was still looking for Swanton but Elias goes to pick up the guitar. Hardy hits him in the gut and breaks the guitar over his back. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner – Elias(by disqualification)

Otis vs The Miz – Money in the Bank Contract Match

Otis starts with unloading in the corner. He hits a running tackle in another corner before hitting a slam in the middle of the ring. Otis is looking mad just like he said in the pre-match interview. He puts his whole body weight on the Miz. Miz manages to send Otis out of the ring but Otis slams him into the announce table.

Morrison provides a distraction and Miz decks Otis to take control. Morrison takes a cheap shot when the referee was not looking. Miz puts Otis in a sleeper. Otis fades out before hulking up. Miz levels him with a big boot to get a two-count. Miz with “It kicks” but Otis goes to hulk up again. Otis runs down Miz with a few running tackles.

A back body drop and running splash set up the caterpillar but Morrison pulls out Miz. Otis takes Miz back to the ring and Miz levels him with a big boot. The referee catches Morrison as he tries to deck Otis with the MITB briefcase and boots him from the ring. Otis goes to pick Miz but he manages to kick him to the ropes. Tucker hits Otis with the MITB briefcase. Shocking. Miz covers Otis to get the pin.

Winner – The Miz(wins the Money in the Bank contract)

After the match, Kayla Braxton catches The Miz and Morrison backstage as they were celebrating. Morrison terms Miz’s victory as the most monumental of the night. Tucker comes up and Kayla interviews him. Tucker says Otis betrayed their tag team for Mandy. Otis runs in and over Miz & Morrison. Tucker and Otis get into a brawl.

Bayley(c) vs Sasha Banks – Hell in a Cell Match, WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Sasha enters first. Bayley comes out with a steel chair which has Role Model written over it. The announcements gets done before the cell starts lowering. Sasha kicks the chair out just as the cell was lowering. Bayley tries to run away but Sasha decks him and starts a period of dominance. Bayley dodges her in the corner but Sasha hits her with scissors takedown into the Bank statement.

Bayley escapes and then slams Sasha into the cell. Bayley brings out a kendo stick but Sasha catches it and throws it out of the ring. Sasha sets up a table but Bayley decks her. Bayley goes to use the table but it was Sasha who goes to ram Bayley with table into the cell a few times. Sasha jumps from the table to hit Meteora into the cage. Bayley kicks out of the pin in the ring.

They continue to back and forth for a while. Bayley has thrown a few steel chairs in the ring. They dodge each other at the ringside a few times before Sasha sends Bayley into the cage with an enziguiri. Sasha sets up kendo sticks in between steel steps and cage. Bayley trips Sasha into the setup. Sasha has hurt her neck. Bayley also clotheslines Sasha into the kendo sticks.

Back in the ring, Bayley gets a few two-count. Sasha goes to the apron and then manages to send Bayley into the cage with a sunset flip. Sasha tries to put Bayley in the Bank statement using the chair. Bayley prevents the lock before sending Sasha into the steel chair with a sunset flip to get a near fall. She hits the elbow drop next to get another near fall.

Sasha puts Bayley into the Bank statement. Bayley manages to slip out, trap Sasha in the apron cloth and slam her into the steel under the ring. Bayley unloads with a few kendo sticks before taping up a few kendo sticks to create a wedge between the cage and the ring. This takes some time and Sasha meanwhile finds a fire extinguisher to spray Bayley. A referee hands Bayley with the chair that Sasha kicked out of the cage earlier. Before she could use it, Sasha starts unloading on her.

Sasha takes her to the ring after some beating. She brings up a kendo stick and unloads on Bayley brutally. Sasha is in tears. Bayley is reaching for her chair. Sasha goes to the top for the splash and Bayley gets the chair up against her. Both women are down. Bayley slides out of the ring and slams Sasha into the mat as she follows. She only gets another near fall for her efforts. Bayley brings out a ladder to the ring and sets it up in between two chairs. Bayley beats up Sasha a bit and slams her face-first into the ladder.

Bayley sets up Sasha on the ladder and sprays a cross mark on Sasha’s chest. She jumps from the second turnbuckle with a chair in her hands. Sasha avoids the jump and Bayley lands into the ladder. Sasha hits a Meteora and a Belly to Belly suplex into the ladder to get a near fall. Bayley counters to hit Bayley to Belly to get a near fall.

Bayley unloads on Sasha’s back with steel chair. Bayley tries to hit Bayley to Belly with a chair. Sasha counters and puts her in the Bank statement assisted with the steel chair. Bayley taps out after a few seconds.

Winner – Sasha Banks(new WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion)

After the match, Sasha is still staring at Bayley who is down in the ring. Sasha finally takes the title and stands over Bayley. She now poses at the ramp as Bayley looks back at her from the ring.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton catches Hurt Business who they have decided will face a member of Retribution tonight. MVP tells her that it will be Bobby Lashley vs Slapjack. And Lashley’s United States Championship will also be on the line for this match.

Bobby Lashley(c) vs Slapjack – WWE United States Championship

Both men enter alone for the match. Their stable members are nowhere to be seen. Slapjack enters and is unusually pumped up. Slapjack throws his shirt at Lashley in an attempt to gain advantage. However, Lashley corners him and unloads. He hits a running tackle in the corner. Slapjack hits a dropkick and a corner cannonball for a two-count.

Slapjack with a DDT and continue to be in control for a while. Lashley cuts him off as he charges to the corner. Lashley with a vertical suplex and chokeslam. He hits a big belly-to-belly suplex next and then a big spinebuster. Lashley applies the Hurt Lock for the submission win.

Winner – Bobby Lashley(retains United States Championship)

Retribution members- Mustafa Ali, T-Bar, Mace and Mia Yim come out and attack Lashley. Ali instructs Mace and T-Bar to chokeslam Lashley but the US Champion turns it around. Other members of Hurt Business also run and Retribution is forced to run off.

Drew McIntyre(c) vs Randy Orton – Hell in a Cell Match, WWE Championship

Randy Orton tries to sneak up on McIntyre during his entrance. But McIntyre was up for it and they brawl for a while outside the cage. McIntyre takes him into the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Drew takes it to the corner with punches and kicks. He blocks an early RKO before sending Orton over the top rope into the Cell. Drew continues to be in control at the ringside, using the steps and cell to hurt Orton. Orton dodges as a steel step is launched in his direction.

Orton jumps up with a steel chair shot to the knee as Drew goes for the Claymore. Orton then uses the chair into Drew’s fractured jaw. He continue to work on Drew’s jaw as he slingshots him into the bottom rope. Drew comes back with a Glasgow Kiss. Orton turns it around with a thumb to the eye and whips Drew into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Drew fights back but Orton drops him into a backbreaker.

Drew right charging back out of the corner. More back and forth, Drew ends up tossing Orton through the table at ringside. They recover and Orton hits a low blow using the ropes before a draping DDT. Drew kicks out at 1 for the second time in this match. Orton is frustrated and gets the cell door open. Orton goes out and Drew follows him shortly. Orton counters Drew outside and sends him into the Cell.

Orton looks to the top of the Cell and starts climbing up. Drew gets up and Orton asks him to come up. Drew also goes to the top and Orton has a steel bat ready. Drew ducks it and unloads on Orton. Orton hits him in the leg with the pipe. Orton starts climbing back down and Drew comes down next to him. They are hanging on the side of the Cell and start trading shots. Orton slams Drew’s face into the Cell a few times, which leads McIntyre falling into the announce table.

Orton gets down and gets in Drew’s face to taunt him. Drew is already moving. Orton takes Drew back to the cell and to the ring. Orton waits for Drew to get up for the RKO. Drew back-slides him out of nowhere. Drew runs the ropes and hits Orton with Claymore. Orton rolls to the floor before Drew could cover. Drew brings him back to the ring. Drew waits for Orton to get up in the corner. Orton ducks the Claymore and hits the RKO for the pin.

Winner – Randy Orton(wins WWE Championship)

After the match, Orton raise the WWE Championship belt as he stands over McIntyre. Orton makes his exit as Drew gets up. Orton is at the ramp with the title and Drew McIntyre looks at him furiously as the Hell in a Cell 2020 goes off the air.

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