Maria Kanellis becomes the first Pregnant Champion in WWE

Maria Kanellis has become the first pregnant champion in WWE as she won the 24/7 Championship this week on RAW.

Maria Kanellis 247 Champion RAW 29 July 2019
Maria Kanellis becomes 24/7 Champion and first-ever Pregnant Champion in WWE on RAW 29 July 2019

This week’s RAW started with WWE recapping the 9 weeks long history of 24/7 Championship. For the opening segment of the night, R-Truth and Carmella faced Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle to defend the title in a Mosh Pit mixed match tag team match. After a short duel, Truth was able to pin Maverick to retain the title.

However, the horde of WWE wrestlers, present for the Mosh Pit match, invaded the ring as soon as the match was over. The result was R-Truth getting bombarded with all the other wrestlers over him. The referee counted to three and it was Mike Kanellis who ran away with the title.

Then, as Mike locked himself inside the room, Maria would clear the door and goes in the room. Maria Kanellis would later force her husband to get down on his back and allow her to pin him, becoming the first-ever pregnant champion. This is another burial of Mike Kanellis as has been the trend in recent weeks as, during the segment, Maria asked him to lie down on his back like he usually does.

Maria then spent the rest of the night walking around backstage. The usually impatient pack of wrestlers avoided engaging with her due to her pregnancy, of which she kept on reminding everyone again and again. Although, she might also have provided a way how would someone take the title away from her as she announced an OBGYN appointment later on Thursday.

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