Becky Lynch-Lacey Evans Brawl on RAW after Mania

After her win at WrestleMania to become the double champion, Becky came out to celebrate on RAW last night. In her promo, she mocked everyone from McMahons to Ronda to Charlotte and also acknowledged that since she is a double champion now, she will be a target for every woman in the locker room but she is ready for the challenge.

Not much time passed after her statement that Lacey Evans came out to what seemed like her customary ramp walk. She stood in front of Becky at the ringside and had a good look at the titles. Then she surprisingly punched Becky and turned back. Becky ran after her and they brawled at the ramp. Becky finally put her under the Dis-Arm-Her but she slipped away and the crew got the situation under control.

Later in the show, Dana Brooke congratulated Becky for her win and said that there definitely is a long line of challengers for Becky and she certainly does not plan to stay at the end of that line. Becky’s journey till this point has been inspiring but the way forward is also not easy at all.

RAW Live Results and Updates: 8 April 2019

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