Miz vs Lashley WWE Title Match Set for RAW Next Week

The Miz will make his first WWE title defense next week on RAW against Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley is getting the title shot as per the pre-arranged deal with the Miz. Lashley defeated Braun Strowman in the main event of tonight’s RAW to keep his title match next week a singles affair against the Miz.

Miz’s Deal With Hurt Business

Miz cashed-in the Money in the Bank briefcase against Drew McIntyre and won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2021. He opened the show tonight at RAW to celebrate his title win.

He was soon interrupted by Bobby Lashley and MVP of Hurt Business. Lashley had attacked McIntyre prior to the cash-in in what was revealed as a pre-arranged deal between the Hurt Business and Miz.

MVP asked Miz to honor his side of the deal and give Lashley the shot at the WWE title. Miz tried to dodge that topic and said Lashley will get the title match but he is busy currently in his other duties as the WWE Champion. Lashley then gave him an ultimatum by end of that hour to give him the title match.

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Strowman Wanted Title Match

At the start of the next hour, Lashley and MVP were once again out at the ring. This time, Lashley was in his ring gear ready for the title match. However, Miz came out in a suit and once again said that he needs more time.

His cause by helped by Braun Strowman and also asked for the title match. Last week, Strowman even gave an ultimatum to Shane McMahon about leaving him out of the WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber.

Shane McMahon – Braun Strowman Storyline

Shane McMahon also came out in the segment and addressed Strowman. He told Strowman that the concept for the Elimination Chamber match was put former WWE Champions in the cage. Since Strowman is a former Universal Champion, he was left out of the chamber match.

Strowman immediately demanded the WWE title shot. He also added if not the Champion, he should at least face the Challenger. Shane O’ Mac then went on to announce the main event match for the night between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. He also added that if Strowman wins, he will be added to next week’s WWE Title match between Miz and Lashley.

It is expected that WWE is preparing for a Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon match at WrestleMania 37.

Lashley Defeated Strowman

As soon as the match was announced, Lashley started to prepare for it. He hit Strowman with a chop block right away to gain an advantage over the Monster Among Men. The main event match was a hard-hitting affair as both Strowman and Lashley came out of the block with big moves.

In the end, it was Lashley who hit a big chokeslam and the spear to get the pin over Strowman. He continued with the attack post-match and put Strowman to sleep with the Hurt lock. Lashley also speared the Miz, who tried to run him down with the title match, to close the show.

Lashley is expected to win the WWE Championship next week and then defend it against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37. Keep following this space for more updates on WrestleMania and WWE Championship.

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