LA Knight vs The Miz WWE Payback 2023 Live Blog, Play by Play

LA Knight WWE Payback

LA Knight defeated The Miz in a singles match with John Cena as the special guest referee at WWE Payback 2023. Check the live updates from the match below.


LA Knight won the Slimjim Battle Royal at WWE SummerSlam 2023. He eliminated The Miz during the match. The following night on Raw, The Miz hurled insults at LA Knight and stated how the latter disrespected him. 

LA Knight did not like this coming from The Miz and he took some shots against The Miz as well. After having some back-and-forth, The Miz cost LA Knight the #1 contender match for the US Title. LA Knight took revenge by distracting The Miz in a match against Akira Tozawa which the latter won. The A-Lister challenged LA Knight to a match at Payback which the latter accepted.

Live Updates

John Cena announces that he will be the special guest referee for the Miz vs LA Knight. The Miz comes out in anger and stops John Cena. 

The Miz give some tips to John Cena on how to be a good hots. And after all those tips, John Cena concluded that he would be the special guest referee for the Miz’s match and introduced LA Knight who walked into the ring.

The Miz takes his time to enter the ring but leaves the ring as soon as the bell rings. The Miz tries to escape but LA Knight goes all the way to the ramp and drives The Miz back inside the ring. 

Both hit each other with some back-and-forth punches before LA Knight drops the Miz with a shoulder tackle followed by a slam. Knight puts The Miz on the top turnbuckle, but The Miz drops his face-first from there. The Miz jumps from the top rope and hits LA Knight. The latter fights back as he hits the Miz with the powerslam. 

LA Knight tries to hit BMT, but the Miz counters and leaves the ring. Knight hits her with a sliding kick, and then he starts slamming The Miz’s face to the announce table. LA Knight breaks the count before The Miz hits on his leg and makes him ho face-first to the announce table. 

The Miz’s eye LA Knight but the latter sends him to the timekeeper’s area. He jumps on the barricade and hits the clothesline from the top to the Miz. Both of them get back inside the ring. The Miz begins his offence but Cena forces him for the rope break. 

The Miz argues with Cena and LA Knight takes advantage of it. Knight begins his offence this time, but Cena forces him for the rope break twice. LA Knight begins to argue with Cena and this time The Miz takes advantage. 

LA Knight gets to the second rope, but The Miz drops him with a kick followed by knees to his face. The Miz puts him in the side headlock, but LA Knight sends him away. Knight gets to the apron, but The Miz slides and gives him a face-first on the apron. 

They get back inside the ring as The Miz starts kicking LA Knight. The latter counters by launching The Miz into the air. LA Knight gets the momentum as he hits The Miz with the neck breaker followed by the second rope bulldog and a sliding kick for a two-count. 

LA Knight hits some kicks but the Miz counters and tries to go for the Skull Crushing Finale, but LA Knight escapes. However, The Miz still manages to hit two consecutive DDTs for a two-count. 

The Miz tries to corner LA Knight but the latter hits the spinning neckbreaker. The Miz rolls up LA Knight for the pinfall and holds the rope, but Cena sees it and kicks his hand. The Miz argues with Cena before LA Knight tries to hit the DFT, The Miz counters and avoids hitting Cena. LA Knight counters and he almost hits Cena as well. 

The Miz connects the Skull Crushing Finale, but LA Knight kicks out at two. The Miz now mocks Cena as he goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. But LA Knight counters it with a big elbow followed by a BFT to get the pinfall. 

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