Will Ospreay Beats Omega in a Classic Rematch at Forbidden Door 2023

Will Ospreay Forbidden Door

Will Ospreay has defeated Kenny Omega in a bloody rematch and become the new IWGP United States Champion at the Forbidden Door 2023 PPV event.


Kenny Omega defeated Will Ospreay to win the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 17 in one of the most critically acclaimed matches ever. NJPW then conducted a tournament to determine the next challenger for the title.

Will Ospreay won the tournament and secured a rematch against Kenny Omega, which was announced for Forbidden Door PPV. Ospreay stated that their first match left him with scars, his body had never been the same since, and he had consumed himself in revenge.

Live Updates

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay start things off with back-and-forth locks and head scissors. Omega continues the offense. Ospreay quickly puts Omega in the corner and then begins an offense of his own. 

Omega goes for the One-Winged Angel, but Ospeay blocks. The latter goes for the cutter, but Omega blocks his move. Both men have a reversal and counter for each other’s move. 

Ospreay pokes Omega instead of locking hands, and then drops him with a chop. Omega fights back and drops Ospreay with a hurricanrana. Ospreay also hits the same move, but Omega lands on his feet. 

Omega wants to go for the suicide dive but Don Callis picks his leg. Omega scares him off before the referee boots Callis from ringside. Ospreay catches Omega with a dive and then sends him into the steel steps followed by the ring post.

Ospreay connects the backbreaker before hitting him with a plethora of kicks to the face. Ospreay hits the suplex, Omega comes back with a body shot. Ospreay puts Omega in an abdominal stretch but the latter counters it with an armdrag. Omega then hits the skull crusher followed by a flatline. 

Omega hits chops before Ospreay hits some kicks followed by an enzuigiri. Ospreay sets Omega on the ropes and hits the shooting star press. He takes Omega on the apron and then hits the Oscutter. 

Ospreay slams Omega’s face to the announce table multiple times. He even removes the table cover and does the same thing again. Omega starts bleeding, the two get back inside and Omega tries to fight back, but Ospreay drops him with a rolling elbow. 

Ospreay takes the Canadian flag from the crowd and puts it between both legs. He enters the ring and Omega drops him with a lariat. Omega wraps the same flag around Ospreay’s neck and then sends him across the ring before using it to hang Ospreay from the apron. 

The action goes outside, and Omega hits Will Ospreay with the V-trigger against the barricade. Now, Omega slams Ospreay’s face into the steel steps. He stops for a while and then slams his face again. Ospreay also starts to bleed now. Omega vertically positions the steps and hits the DDT. 

Back to the ring, Omega puts on the arm triangle, and Ospreay breaks the submission by hitting the powerbomb. Ospreay hits the German suplex, and Omega replies with one of his own. Omega hits the V-trigger, and then Ospreay returns the favor with the Spanish Fly for a near fall. 

Ospreay puts on the sharpshooter, and then after a while, he locks the crossface submission. Ospreay hits kicks to Omega’s face, followed by chops. He repeats the same combo for three times. 

Omega tries to fight back, but Ospreay drops him with a headbutt. Ospreay goes for thee Oscutter, but Omega counters it with a knee strike. Omega hits two snapdragon suplex followed by a reverse hurricanrana. 

Omega puts Ospreay in the lower turnbuckle and hits the V-trigger. Omega now puts Ospreay in the top rope, but the latter escapes and drops Omega with a kick. Omega is on the floor. Ospreay goes to the top rope and hits Omega with the sky twister press. 

Ospreay hits the powerbomb for a two-count followed by the top-rope Oscutter for another near fall. Omega blocks Ospreay’s next move and hits him with the back pile driver. Don Callis returns at the ringside. The referee checks on both competitors. 

Omega hits Ospreay with knee strikes before hitting the V-trigger. Don Callis interrupts Omega once again, but Omega hits the V-trigger anyways. Callis holds Ospreay and the referee and hands him the screwdriver. 

Ospreay hits Omega with the screwdriver, followed by the hidden blade and Stormbreaker to get the near fall. Don Callis told something to Ospreay, and he hits Omega with the One Winged Angel. However, Omega kicks out at one. 

They exchange strikes before Omega hits him with the brainbuster. Ospreay blocks one winged angel and Omega hits a bridging German suplex instead. Omega goes for the angel again, but this time Ospreay counters with a Tiger driver 91. 

Will Ospreay hits the hidden blade once again, followed by the stormbreaker to get the pinfall. 

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