Keith Lee Reacts to Music & Gear Change, More Backstage News

Keith Lee reacted to some fans over the ongoing debate over the change in his entrance music and ring gear.

Keith Lee debuted officially on WWE RAW this Monday where he interrupted Randy Orton, had a match against him which ended in a DQ and then had another setup against Orton for upcoming WWE Payback 2020 PPV. So far, as good as one can expect from WWE.

However, fans were worried about how his ring gear and entrance music was changed as soon as he came over to the main roster. Lee’s trunks had side-cuts at the bottom which made them look like a skirt. Similarly, his music was changed to a generic theme, very different from music used in NXT.

Lee replied to some fans over the concerns saying that these things are out of his hand but they should not be worried and have some patience.

WWE’s Dispute With CFO$

Providing more information on the situation, Fightful Select reported that Lee signed off on the new theme music. That might be the reason the former NXT Champion quickly reacted to fans’ concern about it.

There is some talk going around that WWE is asking wrestlers not to use the music developed by CFO$ who ended their association with the company. Back in February this year, WWE and CFO$ went into a dispute over payment which led to WWE moving away from the composer duo. Reportedly, CFO$ will get half the royalties of the music developed by them as per their exit deal with WWE.

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