Keith Lee Becomes First Double Champion on NXT

Keith Lee NXT Double Champion

Keith Lee has become the first double champion in NXT history at NXT Great American Bash 2020 as he now holds NXT Championship in addition to earlier won NXT North American Championship.

Keith Lee faced Adam Cole in a winner takes all match with both NXT Championship and North American Championship on the line. Lee qualified for this match after winning the triple threat match against Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano on last week’s Night 1 of Great American Bash.

Adam Cole had a disadvantage due to Lee’s size early in the match but his in-ring acumen helped him to get some big strides in the match. The match saw a barrage of finishing moves from Cole but everything that he tried- be it Superkicks, Last shot or Panama Sunrise, Lee continued to kick out of the pin.

Lee then finished the match at around 20 minutes mark with back to back Spirit Bomb and Big Bang Catastrophe to get the pin and add the NXT Championship on his waist.