Keith Lee Reveals The Reasons Why He Was Absent From WWE


Keith Lee finally breaks his silence and reveals the reason why he was absent from WWE for about five months. 

Keith Lee took to his Twitter and YouTube to post a video in which he revealed that he contacted Covid-19, and was also diagnosed with heart inflammation earlier this year.

Lee wrestled WWE US Champion, Sheamus on the January 11 episode of Raw and defeated him. After that, he didn’t appear for three straight weeks but then he came back on the February 8 episode of Raw and defeated Matt Riddle. He was scheduled to face Bobby Lashley and Matt Riddle in a triple threat US Championship match at Elimination Chamber. However, he was pulled from the card.

Ever since then, Keith Lee was absent due to medical reasons, but he never revealed the actual cause until now. In today’s YouTube video he confirmed that firstly he battled Covid-19, and after this battle, he faced some severe heart issues. 

Mia Yim was also tested positive back in January and missed the Royal Rumble due to the same reasons. Lee made it clear that he didn’t get the virus from her but she got it from being around him.

Keith Lee fought to death but his condition became better when WWE sent him to Pittsburgh. Initially, Keith Lee wasn’t certain about his in-ring return but now he is healthy and focuses on winning championships again. 

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  1. When he first retuned, he did not look well. He looked quite ill and seemed very lethargic. I think he should not have been allowed to return just yet as anyone could see on his face, he was still sick. Could well be his heart condition. Lee should take the time to heal and live to fight or just live, for another day. That swollen heart could well be a warning about that widow-maker artery. That left anterior descending artery or even a triple A (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) is a possible outcome. Cardiomegaly caused me to need a pacemaker and my condition was just a brady or slow pulse caused by just one wall thickening. Bigger hearts pump harder. That’s how they got bigger. Any vascular weakening is a prime concern.

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