HIAC 2019: Kabuki Warriors Becomes Women’s Tag Team Champions

Kabuki Warriors Becomes NEw Women's Tag Team Champions at Hell In A Cell 2019
Kabuki Warriors Becomes New Women’s Tag Team Champions at Hell In A Cell 2019

The match was announced just an hour before the Hell in a Cell 2019 kick-off show along with 3 other matches. During the kick-off show, Bliss questioned why the Kabuki Warriors were getting the title shot and reminded us that they were already beaten by her team.

As the match started, Kabuki Warriors were showing heelish traits from the start as Sane duped Cross into a handshake and took advantage. Nikki Cross started fine and tagged in Bliss who got double teamed by the Warriors. This was followed by a period of domination from the Warriors over Bliss.

Things turned around once again as Bliss tagged in Cross who ran down her opponents and managed to hit the swinging neck-breaker on Sane. After Asuka broke the tag, Cross managed to bring her down. Meanwhile, Bliss took down Sane on the outside and both women went down. At this point, Asuka spits in the green mist on Cross and finished things off with an overhead kick to get the pin.

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