John Cena to Face Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso at WWE Fastlane 2023

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An official tag team match has been scheduled for the Fastlane 2023 PPV event with John Cena set to take on The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso.

During the September 22 episode of SmackDown, John Cena said he has played a host, a referee, and a backstage correspondent so far during this run, but he wanted a match. He then called out AJ Styles to be in tag team partner for a match against the Bloodline. Styles came out to agree with Cena for the tag team match.

Later in the episode, Pearce told The Bloodline about the match being made official. Paul Heyman initially hesitated, mentioning significant news that required Roman Reigns’ approval. Pearce then told him that the match is not being booked for tonight but at Fastlane 2023 event. Solo Sikoa assured Heyman that he would take care of it.

A contract signing was scheduled between The Bloodline and Cena and Styles. However, it didn’t go as planned. Cena made his entrance, but when AJ’s entrance music played, he didn’t appear. Instead, he was found being assaulted by Jimmy Uso backstage. Solo Sikoa executed a frog splash from 15 feet to put AJ through production crates. AJ was taken to the hospital after this.

Following this, Sikoa and Jimmy made their way to the ring just to be attacked by Cena. Cena initially managed to take down Sikoa and Jimmy. However, his dominance was short-lived. Sikoa and Jimmy capitalized on their numbers advantage and assaulted Cena. Sikoa executed two Samoan Spikes, and Jimmy delivered two Uso Splashes as part of the assault.

After the assault, Jimmy and Solo proceeded to sign the contract for the match at Fastlane. However, there is uncertainty regarding whether AJ Styles will be Cena’s partner in the match.

The storyline between Cena and The Bloodline resumed on the September 15 episode of SmackDown at Grayson Waller effect show where Solo Sikoa made a surprise appearance to assist Jimmy Uso in launching a 2-on-1 assault against John Cena. AJ Styles quickly entered the ring to aid Cena in pushing back the attack. AJ was feuding with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa for the past month.

WWE Fastlane 2023 PLE is scheduled for October 7, 2023, and it will be live from Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. This is the first match set for the event.

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