IMPACT Throwback Throwdown II(2021) Live Results & Updates

Impact Throwback Throwdown 2 Results
Credits – IMPACT Wrestling

Welcome to the live results blog for IMPACT Throwback Throwdown 2021 which airs on December 18, 2021 from Davis Arena in Louisville, KY.

The special event will take us back to the 80s with a fictional Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation show. The present-day wrestlers will play characters from that era(and will even go by the names similar to the bygone era). No matches are announced for the show yet and everything will be revealed on the go.

So, join us on a wild ride from the 80s as we bring you the live results and updates from IMPACT Throwback Throwdown II(2021) event.

IMPACT Throwback Throwdown 2021 Results

  • Chad 2 Badd(Karl Anderson) defeated Bill Ding(Trey Miguel) in a singles match.
  • Rythamic Warriors defeated Sunday Morning Express in a tag team match.
  • Frank the Butcher(Rhino) defeated Rip Razor(Ace Austin)(w/ Rusty Iron) in a singles match.
  • Georgia Cobb defeated Lady Bird Johnson in a singles match.
  • Giussepe Scovelli Jr. defeated Quincy Cosmos in a singles match.
  • “Hard” Harry Hall defeated Badlands Bart in 4 Corner Bull Rope match.
  • Ima Belle defeated Rusty Iron in a singles match.
  • Tim Burr defeated Eric “the Red” Wood in a singles match.
  • Jazzy Fitbody defeated Wanda the Warewoman in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Stomp in Paradise(Brian Bone Crutchens & GI Brosky) defeated The Russians(Serge the Siberian & Strangler) in a tag team match.
  • Santa Claus defeated Sex Ferguson(c) to win Intercontinental Commonwealth Television Championship.

Live Updates

We get a video promo from Intercontinental Commonwealth Television Championship Sex Ferguson. A correspondent tells us that Ferguson’s challenger for tonight, Muscle McGinnis is detained while entering US. Sex Ferguson is in the ring to cut a promo. He is working as a heel and insinuates that he is making sure that his opponents do not make it to the event. Giussepe Scovelli Sr.(Scott D’Amore), the owner of IPWF, comes out to confront Ferguson. Scovelli accuses him of making his own luck and creating troubles for his opponents. Scovelli then announces Ferguson will defend the title against Santa Claus in the main event in North Pole Street Fight. Santa Claus throws his bag into the ring and starts unloading on Ferguson. Ferguson exits the ring.

Chad 2 Badd(Karl Anderson) vs Bill Ding(Trey Miguel)

Ding puts on a headlock and then hits a shoulder tackle. Badd drops him with a back elbow and a clothesline. He hits a leg drop on the arm and then works on it. He gets a two-count. Badd slams Ding into the turnbuckle a few times. He misses a dropkick. Ding tries to use the ropes to his advantage for the pin, but the referee catches him. Ding hits elbows to the head. Badd stops a top rope move with a big boot. Badd hits chop to the chest, a kick and double knuckle to the groin and a back body drop.

Badd misses a corner splash and Ding once again tries to use ropes for the pin and the referee stops the count. Ding hits a clothesline. He misses a leg drop. Badd hits an inverted atomic drop and then an atomic drop. He hits a standing splash to get the win.

Winner – Chad 2 Badd

We get a music video from Rythamic Warriors – Johnny Swinger and Mighty Singer.

The tag team Sunday Morning Express, newspaper owners, come out to cut a promo against Rythamic Warriors. They will have a match next.

Sunday Morning Express vs Rythamic Warriors

Sunday Morning Express attack before the bell. Warriors come back and sends both opponents to the floor. Singer hits a suicide dive and Swinger hits double ax handle. Singer controls the in-ring action. His opponent misses a corner tackle. Singer’s wig falls and he turns out to be an old guy. Singer walks the rope for the old school. Express double team on him to hit a double suplex.

Singer hits double clothesline to both opponents. He tags in Swinger and Swinger takes down his opponents with quick moves. They rake his eyes. Swinger counters and tags in Singer. Singer hit double team moves and brings back Swinger. They both roll up their opponents and get the pin.

Winner – Rythamic Warriors

Rip Razor(w/ Rusty Iron) vs Frank the Butcher(Rhino)

Frank drops Razor with tackles and clothesline. Razor makes a come back and but Frank drops him to the floor with a back body drop. Razor gets Iron to use as a shield. Frank comes back by slamming Razor into the apron. He misses a chop against the ring post. Razor works on his arm against the ropes. They get into the ring, Frank hits back with punches.

Razor gets his spikes when the referee was distracted. Frank snatches it but referee gets it and throws it away. Razor hits a low blow and unloads on Frank on the mat. Frank fights back and hits a slice in the corner. He hits a big chop to the chest. He hits a big clothesline to get the pin.

Winner – Frank the Butcher

After the match, Rusty Iron gets into the ring and argues with Frank. Frank goes to chop Iron but Razor hits him with spike.

Quincy Cosmos vs Giussepe Scovelli Jr.

Scovelli hits a clothesline, an atomic drop and an hurricanrana. Cosmos brings him down with a side Russian Leg Sweep. Cosmos keeps him down for a while. He hits a suplex next. Scovelli fights bout of a headlock and hits a jawbreaker. He hits back elbows. He hits a hurricanrana and a springboard kick. Scovelli ends up taking out referee.

Cosmos was getting help from her lady friend but Scovelli Sr. comes out to stop them. Scovelli Jr. hits double knees and Scovelli Sr. gets in the ring to count the pin.

Winner – Giussepe Scovelli Jr.

Georgia Cobb vs Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird attacks Georgia Cobb as she was getting into the ring. She beats around Cobb on the floor before throwing her into the ring. The bell rings and Bird hits a dropkick. Cobb puts on a sleeper hold. Bird throws her. Cobb tries to scoop her up but she was too big for her. Johnson hits kicks in the corner. Cobb fights back with a kick from the apron. Cobb tries to take her up again but Johnson drops her with a gutbuster. Johnson works on Cobb for a while. Johnson slams Cobb into her groin in a special move.

Cobb hits a clothesline and then nails her with forearms. Johnson hits a roundhouse kick. Cobb hits back with a clothesline. Cobb slams Johnson’s face into the mat a bunch of times. Johnson hits a Samoan drop. Johnson brings out a tire iron but the referee takes it away. Cobb hits Death Valley driver to get the win.

Winner – Georgia Cobb

Ima Belle vs Rusty Iron

Belle slams Iron’s face into the turnbuckle a few times. She hits a crossbody next. Iron takes down Belle with a slam. She puts on a chinlock. Belle fights back with elbow s othe midsection. Rayzor grabs Belle’s leg for Iron to take advantage. Iron puts on the camel clutch. Belle gets out of it and but misses a splash.

Iron with a few snapmare takedowns. Belle runs her over. She hits clotheslines and double knees. A back elbow drops Belle. She hits a handspring splash to get the pin.

Winner – Ima Belle

Tim Burr vs Eric “the Red” Wood

Back and forth to start. Wood hits a back elbow as Butt goes for a German suplex. Burr hits shoulder tackles but Wood does not go down. Wood clotheslines him out of the ring. Wood hits big chops. A double ax handle drops Burr. Another big shot at the chest. Burr starts to hulk up now. He hits a chop block on Wood. Wood goes for a powerslam but Butt counters and hits double ax handle from the second rope and then from the top rope. Wood puts him in a bear hug. Burr hits chops to break free. Burr hits chops on the knee after catching a kick. Burr hits a powerslam and a leg drop to get the win.

Winner – Tim Burr

Jazzy Fitbody vs Wanda “the Werewoman”

Jazzy tries to get Wanda dancing but Wanda attacks her and throws her away. Wanda hits a Samoan drop for a two-count. She hits a splash in the corner and hits big shots at the back. Another corner splash.

Jazzy gets on her back with a sleeper. Wanda throws her away. She puts on the claw. Jazzy gets out of it after a while and dodges big swings from Wanda. Jazzy hits a Pele kick and then drops her with a bulldog. Wanda bites Jazzy and ignores the referee’s count. The referee stops the match.

Winner – Jazz Fitbody

Stomp in Paradise(Brian Bone Crutchens & GI Brosky) vs The Russians(Serge the Siberian & Strangler)

Brosky and Strangler start the match. Brosky hits a powerslam. He hits a shoulder tackle next. Strangler goes for a hip toss but Brosky counters and brings in Brian. Strangler rakes his eyes and brings in Serge. Brian tries to drop him with shoulder tackles but Serge no sells him. Brian hits a slingblade. Serge slams him into his corner and cut the ring in half.

The Russian use every heel tactic in the book until Brian outsmarts Strangler. Brian and Strangler got at it in the ring again. Hot tag to Brosky and he drops Strangler and Serge one by one. Brosky with stomps in the corner. He hits a running boot but Strangler grabs the rope to break the pin. Serge grabs Strangler and Brosky misses a dropkick.

Serge with big blows on Brosky now. Brosky hits a bulldog on Serge. He goes to tag out but Strangler sweeps Brian from the apron. Side Russian leg sweep from the Russians gets them a near fall. Serge misses a leg drop. Strangler and Brian come in. Brian hits a body slam to Strangler and a spine buster. Stomp in Paradise hits double team move on Serger to get the win.

Winners – Stomp in Paradise

Sex Ferguson vs Santa Claus- North Pole Street Fight for IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship

They lock up and Santa pushes Ferguson back. Santa twists his arm. Ferguson seperates himself. He goes and punches Santa from outside the ring. He was looking to use crutches but Santa counters and slams the crutch on his back. Santa slams him with a broom next. Ferguson hits back with an elbow to the head. He brings out an unicorn head. Santa puts it on Ferguson’s head and rides him in the ring. Santa hits a dropkick.

Santa beats Ferguson on the floor for a while. Ferguson catches him with a kick as they return to the ring. Santa goes for a low blow but Ferguson already had a protector which hurts Santa. Ferguson chokes Santa using some tape. Ferguson brings a steel chair and slams Santa into it to get a two-count. Santa grabs hold of Ferguson’s boot and they both take down each other.

Santa hits big punches and then a crossbody. Ferguson hits a low blow. Ferguson brings a pack of Past Blue Ribbons. He takes out one of them and drinks it. Santa hits him with a low blow, and Ferguson spits the bear out. Santa hits him with the Stunner and senton to get the pin.

Winners – Santa Claus

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