Humberto Carrillo Makes RAW Debut Against Seth Rollins

Humberto Carrillo Makes RAW Debut
Humberto Carrillo Makes RAW Debut Against Seth Rollins

NXT and 205 Live Athlete Humberto Carrillo made his Monday Night RAW debut this week against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins in a non-title match.

Humberto Carrillo was drafted to Monday Night RAW during the WWE Draft 2019. He was shown backstage during the match between Sin Cara(also making his WWE TV return) and Andrade. After Andrade was able to defeat Sin Cara, Carrillo was interviewed backstage. He told us that he sees a future Universal Champion in Andrade but not if he beats Andrade to it first. And when he wins the title, he will not be burning things down like current champion Seth Rollins.

Later in the show, Seth Rollins was explaining that he has also got in the Fiend’s head and burned down the Firefly Fun House. He also said that the Fiend changes you when you get in the ring with him and that’s what prompted him to burn down the Fun House. In the same segment, Rollins also caught Carrillo and took offense over his comment earlier.

Rollins went on to offer him a match against him and they faced-off in the last hour of RAW. Both Rollins and Carrillo showed good chemistry and worked a fast-paced match. Carrillo used the match to showcase his athletic abilities and forced many nearfall. In the end, Rollins finished off the match with a stomp.

What has come as the disappointment is that the crowd started chanting Wyatt’s name during their match, which has diminished Carrillo’s push! Rollins is next set to face the Fiend Bray Wyatt at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 which will not stop for any reason other than a pinfall or submission.

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