WWE Night of Champions 2023: Gunther Retains the IC Title Against Ali

Gunther WWE NoC

Gunther defeated Mustafa Ali and retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Night of Champions 2023.


Gunther has become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in the 21st century as he passed 300 days as the champion. After being drafted on Raw, his first challenger was identified via a battle royal. Mustafa Ali won that battle royal with a little assistance upon Imperium’s interference.

The Ring General himself asked Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci to eliminate Matt Riddle from the match. Mustafa who has been trying to see the positive outlook in his life found that nothing could be more positive than competing for the Intercontinental title in Saudi Arabia. Will he be able to dethrone Gunther though?

Live Update

Mustafa Ali enters the match first followed by Gunther who is introduced by the Imperium. 

Gunther displays his power from the start and tries to chop Ali but the latter hits a chop of his own. It provokes Gunther and he finally slams Ali after some back and forth. Gunther then hits back-to-back thunderous chops to Ali. 

Ali tries to fight back but Gunther catches him with another slam. He then puts Ali into the Boston Crab followed by a crossface. Gunther sends Ali outside the ring, but Ali hangs on the apron. Ali jumps on the apron and Gunther sends him outside with a big boot. 

Gunther then sends Ali to the ring post before coming back inside and giving his signature pose. Ali finally collects some power and fights back using chops and punches. Ali then ducks Gunther into the corner and hits him with the neck breaker. 

Gunther catches Ali on the top rope but Ali slides and hits the sunset flip powerbomb. Ali instantly gets to the top again and hit the 450 splash for a near fall. 

Gunther backs to the fight now as he hits Ali with a clothesline. Gunther picks up Ali but the latter counters it with a kick and then hits the tornado DDT. Ali goes to the top for another 450 splash. Gunther ducks the move and hits Ali with a drop kick followed by a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

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