GCW The WRLD on GCW Results, Live Updates: Moxley vs Homicide

The WRLD on GCW Results
Credits – GCW

Welcome to the live results updates from Game Changer Wrestling’s The WRLD on GCW event on January 23, 2022 from Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Jon Moxley will be in action in the main event as he defends GCW World Championship against Homicide. Jonathan Gresham will defend his ROH Championship against Blake Christian. Matt Cardona vs Joey Janelo is another high profile match. Jeff Jarrett, Ruby Soho, and several other stars are also on the card.

The Briscoes has issued an open challenge for GCW World Tag Team titles. Grab the Brass Ring Ladder match will see the likes of Lio Rush, PCO and other GCW stars while a battle royal and scramble match are on the pre-show.

Join us as we bring the results, winners, highlights, and live updates from GCW The WRLD on GCW 2022 event.


  • Big Vin won the PBR Battle Royal.
  • Grim Reefer defeated Dante Leon, Nick Wayne, Ninja Mack, Alex Zayne, Jack Cartwheel via pinfall in a 6 Way Scramble Match.
  • AJ Gray defeated Alex Colon, Tony Deppen, Jordan Oliver, PCO, Jimmy Lloyd & G-Raver to win Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match
  • Team Gringo(Arez, Demonic Flamita & Gringo Loco) defeated Team Bandido(ASF, Bandido & Laredo Kid)
  • Blake Christian defeat Lio Rush in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Matt Cardona(w/ Chelsea Green) defeated Joey Janela in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ruby Soho defeated Allie Katch in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Effy in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley(c) defeated Homicide via pinfall to retain GCW World Championship Match
  • Nick Gage & Matt Tremont defeated The Briscoes(Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)(c) via pinfall to win the GCW World Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates

Past Blue Ribbon Battle Royal

Participants- Psycho Clown, Dark Shiek, Radrick, Effy, Hood Foot, Ruckus, KTB, Big Togo, Too Hot Steve Scott, Juicy Finau, Nate Web, Big Vin, Janai Kai, Dustin Thomas, Zach Gowen, Yoya, Charles Mason, Reu Paul, Lufisto & Thunder Rosa

Final 4 are Thunder Rosa, Charles Mason, Lufisto and Big Vin. Lufisto and Rosa work together on Mason. Lufisto hits running splash on both men. Rosa hits dropkicks after launching from Lufisto’s back. Rosa and Lufisto start going at it against each other. Mason Charles throws Rosa over the top ropes. Lufisto drops Vin with Samoan drop. Vin puts Lufisto on the apron and Mason pushes Vin into her to eliminate her. Mason puts on a sleeper on Vin. Vin throws him away. Mason low bridges him to the apron. Vin picks him up and throws him to the floor for the win.

Winner – Big Vin

Grim Reefer vs Shane Mercer vs Dante Leon vs Jack Cartwheel vs Ninja Mack vs Alex Zayne -Scramble Match

Quick start to the match as everyone gets to the floor. They take out their opponents one by one with dives. Reefer hits Cartwheel with a springboard slam. Ninja Mack hits a handspring moonsault on Reefer. Leon hits a dropkick on Mack. Mercer hits an overhead kick on Leon as he was the top turnbuckle.

Mercer hits an avalanche driver on Leon. Zayne hits Mack with a German suplex to drop him on Mercer. Cartwheel knocks Zayne off his feet. Mercer hits a bench press on Cartwheel to drop him on Zayne. Mercer drops Mack on Zayne. Reefer puts Mercer in crossface. Cartwheel hits a moonsault on them to break the submission. Leon had Zayne in electric chair.

Mack hits him with a dropkick for Leon to hit poisonrana. Mercer launches Mack and Reefer across the ring. Cartwheel hits a shooting star press on Zayne as Mercer holds him on the ropes. Reefer hits a low blow on Mercer as he brings in a steel chair in equation. Reefer manages to hit a DDT on chair to get the pin on Mercer.

Winner – Grim Reefer

G-Raver vs Alex Colon vs Tony Deppen vs Jordan Oliver vs PCO vs Jimmy Lloyd vs AJ Gray – Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match

Deppen hits a dropkick on the ladder as Raver and Lloyd were holding it. Quick action in the ring as participants take turns to attack each other. Oliver hits Lloyd with a suplex. He then dives on Gray and Deppen on the floor. Colon and G-Raver hits stereo suicide dives on Oliver, Gray and Deppen. PCO then hits suicide dive on all others. Deppen then hits double springboard dive to take out all others once again.

Gray launches himself onto everyone from the stage. PCO gets back to the top and hits a moonsault to take out all others once again on the floor. PCO sets up the ladder in the middle. He goes to climb the ladder but Colon, Oliver and Raver unsuccessfully try to attack him. Deppen sets up the bigger ladder beside him. Deppen bites PCO to send him down. Oliver hits a neckbreaker on Deppen from the top of the ladder.

Oliver fights off Lloyd and climbs to the top. PCO hits him with a chokeslam from the top of the ladder. PCO hits package piledriver on Oliver. Colon traps PCO in a steel chair and hits him with a stomp from the top. Raver stops Colon from climbing to the top.

Raver sets up a ladder on top of Colon and hits a senton from the top of the ladder. Lloyd hits Ego’s Edge on Raver on a ladder set up on the outside. AJ Gray sends Lloyd to the floor. Gray misses an elbow drop on Colon. Oliver and Colon climb the ladder. Colon knocks off Oliver from the ladder. Lloyd knocks Colon off the ladder. Murdock attack Colon on the floor. AJ Gray knocks off Lloyd from the top of the ladder and brings down the Brass Ring to win the match.

Winner – AJ Gray

Team Bandido(ASF, Bandido & Laredo Kid) vs Team Gringo(Arez, Demonic Flamita & Gringo Loco)

Laredo Kid and Arez start the match. Laredo sweeps Arez from his feet a bunch of times. Bandido hits the three amigos. Gringo comes into the ring and drops Bandido. He hits a dropkick. ASF comes in and hits an armdrag to send Gringo to the floor. Flamita tags in and drops ASF to the turnbuckle with a drop teo hold. Team Gringo are all in the ring and are working on ASF. Arez hits a springboard dive on Bandido on the floor. Gringo hits a suplex on ASF in the ring. He sends ASF into the turnbuckle headfirst.

Flamita and Arez put on cloverleaf on the floor on Bandido and Laredo. Gringo hits a basement slide dive on top of them. ASF is tossed up and into the ring by Team Gringo. ASF hits an armdrag on Gringo. Flamita hits a powerbomb on ASF. Team Bandido make a comeback with triple superkick, hurricanrana and suicide dive.

4 members have put each other in a leg lock. Flamita hits Bandido with a poisonrana in between them and they break the lock to break the pin. Bandido and Flamita are going at it in the ring. Laredo breaks the pin. He hits 450 splash on Flamita. Arez hits a backstabber on Laredo. ASF breaks the pin with a dropkick. He follows with a death valley driver and a dropkick. Gringo breaks the pin and then slams ASF to the mat. Bandido and Gringo take on each other now. Bandido hits a DDT on Gringo. Flamita comes in and sends him to the mat.

Double stack spot see ASF bringing down Arez with a sunset flip and Laredo kid brings down Flamita with a powerbomb. The chaos continues. Arez and Laredo fight in the ring as Flamita takes out others on the floor. Laredo hits a Spanish fly on Arez from the top onto others on the floor. Gringo counters ASF’s move and hits him with a piledriver to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Team Gringo

Lio Rush vs Blake Christian

Blake Christian is out in the ring. He informs that Jonathan Gresham is not here tonight, but he will want his ROH World title match. He says there is someone else who will face him tonight.

Christian hits arm drags after Rush offers him a handshake. They run the ropes a bunch of times before coming to a stalemate. Blake offers the handshake this time and Rush rolls him over for a one-count. Blake hits an enziguiri. Rush gets to the floor for a breather. Rush with double boots and an enziguiri in a quick sequence. Blake is on the floor for a breather. Rush hits handspring heel kick on the apron on Blake. Blake comes back with a suicide dive.

Blake fires on Rush with big shots and chops. He puts on a shoulder stretch and Rush gets his feet on the ropes. Blake hits a couple of shoulder tackles in the corner. He misses the third tackle. Rush hits a spear to spin him inside out. Rush hits a step-up enziguiri next. He hits another spear after running the ropes. A falcon arrow follows to get him a two-count. Blake comes back with a suplex. He hits a springboard flying forearm on the back of Rush’s head. Blake blocks Rush Hour but Rush hits a low kick.

Blake hits running knee, Spanish fly and a senton in quick succession to get a near fall. Rush hits poisonrana and an inverted DDT. He hits final hour but then Blake rolls away to buy himself some time to kick out. Blake blocks powerbomb off the apron and goes to hit a tombstone piledriver on the floor. Blake hits 450-splash in the ring to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Blake Christian

Joey Janela vs Matt Cardona(w/ Chelsea Green)

We get a video package for the ongoing rivalry. There is a banner saying “If Cardona wins, We Riot.” Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green come out. Cardona has a Fuck Mick Foley shirt on. They argue with some fans in the front row before kissing in front of them. Cardona cuts a promo to rile up the crowd some more. He has ECW TV Championship with him. Janela comes out for the match.

Cardona hits Thesz press to start the match for a two-count. Cardona brings out a door to the ring and sets it up on the corner. Janela puts him through it with a Death Valley driver. Joey unloads on Cardona in the ring. Cardona moves to the floor and Janela hits him with a suicide dive. Cardona wipes him out on the floor as Chelsea runs a distraction. Cardona and Chelsea kiss again.

Back to the ring, Janela runs Cardona over with a clothesline. Janela brings out a steel chair and slams it on Cardona’s back. Janela hits some chops as he sets up Cardona on the chair. Janela hits a senton but nobody is home. Cardona hits the steel chair on Janela’s ribs. Cardona was looking to slam Janela with the steel chair, but Chelsea stops him. Chelsea hits Cardona with a low blow.

Chelsea asks Janela to go to the top and then trips him on the ropes. It turned out to be a ruse from Cardona and Chelsea, who had an abdomen guard on. Cardona hits Janela with a can for a two-count. Cardona goes to the top. Janela meets him up top and hits a superplex.

Joey hits German suplexes on Cardona. Janela was looking to use the ECW belt when Mark Sterling comes out. He cuts a promo and says Vince McMahon is here. He brings out a man in a mask. It turns out to be Vincent/Virgil. Cardona gets a two-count with a rollup. Sterling gets into the ring to hold Janela up as Cardona was looking to run him down with the belt. Janela gets down and Cardona ends up running down Sterling.

Chelsea tries to run a distraction but he still hits Cardona with Death Valley Driver on the apron. Janela was looking for something under the ring and finds Hornswoggle there. Hornswoggle slams Janela into the ringpost. Sam Steakhouse is staning behind Hornswoggle. He takes Hornswoggle to the ring and hits him with a running splash in the corner. Steakhouse misses a moonsault on Swoggle.

Swoggle is flipping everyone off until Marko Stunt comes out and starts beating him up. Cardona attacks Stunt from behind. Janela comes back into the ring to run him over. Janela brings out a door and steel chairs. The referee and Stunt set them up in the ring. Janela sets up Cardona on the floor with a similar setup while Stunt sets up Swoggle in the ring. Stunt and Janela hit elbow drops through Swoggle and Cardona.

Chelsea runs over Stunt with the ECW belt. Janela comes in and was looking for a powerbomb on Chelsea but Cardona hits him with a steel chair. Cardona drops Janela on the steel chair.

Janela slams a chair on Cardona’s back. He was setting up chairs and door in the ring when Chelsea gets into the ring with a kendo stick. Janela no-sells the kendo stick shots and hits Chelsea with a piledriver. A man comes out in helmet and spears Janela through the door. It turns out to be Brian Myers. Cardona hits Rough Ryder on Janela through the door to get the win.

Winner – Matt Cardona

X-Pac comes out after the match. He hits a spinning heel kick on Myers and slams Cardona to the mat. Myers saves Cardona from more damage by pulling him out. X-Pac and Janela celebrate in the ring.

Ruby Soho vs Allie Katch

Dualing chants to start the match. Ruby puts on a side headlock. She hits a shoulder tackle before Allie stops her front kick. Katch looks for a piledriver early but Ruby works her way out of it. Katch trips her and hits cartwheel kick. Ruby slams her into the turnbuckle for a two-count. Back and forth action until Katch slams Ruby’s face into the turnbuckle.

Katch hits hip attacks in the corner before a cannonball. Ruby gets a two-count with a jackknife. They trade running forearms. Allie hits a suplex. Ruby stops an overhead kick and hits a saito suplex. Allie hits a knee strike on the apron. Ruby brings her down from the top with an armdrag. Ruby hits hurricanrana for a two-count. Allie gets a two-count with a backslide. Ruby gets a two-count after a knee strike. Nobody’s home on the double stomp from the top.

Allie hits a knee strike and follows with a piledriver, but Ruby kicks out of a near fall. Ruby blocks a superplex with headbutts. She goes for a powerbomb but Allie stops it. Ruby counters an avalanche piledriver attempt and hits Riott Kick from the top turnbuckle to get the pin.

Winner – Ruby Soho

Jeff Jarrett vs Effy

Effy brings out a $20 bill from his trunks and lays it out in the ring. He asks Jarrett to take it and leave. The referee takes out the bill before they lock up. Jarrett overpowers Effy to throw him into the corner. Jarrett reverses a wristlock. Effy manages to hit a chop across Jarrett’s face. Jarrett puts on a side headlock and htis a shoulder tackle. Effy unloads on Jarrett before locking in a tarantula lock on the ropes.

Jarrett runs him over with a clothesline. Jarrett throws Effy over the ropes and hits him with his belt. The referee tries to stop him but Jarrett threatens him to back away. Jarrett chokes Effy with the belt and throws him into crew. Jarrett continues to slam Effy with the belt for a while. The crowd is booing Jarrett hard.

Jarrett chokes him with the belt again. Effy is smiling as the commentators say he likes being choked. Jarrett ties Effy’s hands in the corner using the belt. Jarrett brings in a steel chair but Effy frees himself before Jarrett could connect. Effy unloads in the corner before Jarrett drops him on the turnbuckle. Effy hits fame-asser before going to choke Jarrett with the belt. Jarrett moves out of the blockbuster from Effy.

Jarrett brings in his guitar. Effy hits him with a low blow and rolls him up for a two-count. Effy brings down his fishnet and chokes Jarrett with it. Jarrett snatches the guitar from Effy and slams it on his head. Effy no-sells it but Jarrett slams his face into the mat with Guitar around his neck and gets the pin.

Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Jon Moxley (c) vs Homicide – GCW World Championship Match

“F**k Bully Ray” chants as Moxley and Homicide stare down. They start with trading strikes. More back and forth shots. Mox hits low kicks and jabs. He runs in from the apron to hit him with a clothesline. Mox misses a double ax handle on the floor. Mox avoids a DDT back in the ring. Mox hits a neckbreaker on the apron. He stomps on Homicide’s hand a couple of times.

Mox hits a piledriver next for a two-count. Mox hits kicks at the chest as Homicide is on his knees. Homicide hits an exploder suplex and then hits Tope Con Hilo. Homicide hits a cutter from the top rope for a two-count. Mox avoids cocktail and starts another exchange of strikes. Mox hits a German suplex. Homicide also hits German suplex. Mox hits a DDT after some back and forth.

Mox is unloading on Homicide’s head with elbows. Mox puts on the bulldog choke and Homicide somehow manages to reach the ropes. Homicide has lost a tooth.

Mox sets up a chair in the corner, but Homicide puts the break. Homicide hits a lariart for a two-count. Homicide looks for kill switch on the chair but Mox counters to hit a DDT on the chair for a two-count. Mox sets up chair in the middle for paradigm shift but Homicide counters. More back and forth action before Moxley hits a clothesline and DDT on the chair for the pin and the win.

Winner – Jon Moxley

The Briscoes(c) vs Matt Tremont & Nick Gage – GCW World Tag Team Championship

The Briscoes are in the ring for the open challenge. Matt Tremont comes out to answer the challenge. Nick Gage is his partner.

We already have a door in the ring. Gage sends one of the Briscoes through the door. Tremont hits the other one with Samoan drop. All four men hit each other with doors and chairs. Gage is beaten up in the ring. Mark hits a suicide dive on Tremont on the floor to take him through a door.

Mark hits an elbow drop on Gage against the door. Tremont comes back and hits Jay with an urinage. Mark and Gage fight on the top. Gage hits an avalanche piledriver from the top and through a door. Gage covers Mark to get the pin. Jay came in to break the pin but he was late.

Winner – Matt Tremont & Nick Gage

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