Eric Young Returns to IMPACT at Slammiversary 2023

Eric Young IMPACT

Former Impact World Champion Eric Young has returned to IMPACT at the IMPACT Slammiversary 2023 event.

Eric Young made his return as a mystery partner for Scott D’Amore. PCO was scheduled to team with Scott D’Amore at Slammiversary against Bully Ray and Deaner in a grudge match. But, PCO was ruled out after he was set on fire during the July 6 episode of IMPACT TV episode.

D’Amore partner remained mystery until the event and it only became clear when Young made his entrance. Young and D’Amore were also the former tag team partners of Team Canada. They were successful in winning the match after D’Amore hit a Canadian Destroyer on Deaner and Young followed up with an Elbow drop for the pinfall.

Eric Young’s contract with IMPACT Wrestling ended late in 2022. He was written out of storyline on December 1, 2022 episode of IMPACT Wrestling where he was shown being murdered by Deaner. Now, his feud with Deaner is likely to continue further.

After his exit from IMPACT, Young signed with WWE but he never appeared on screen in his second tenure in the company. It was reported by Fightful Select that Young asked for his release from WWE contract in April.

As per Fightful’s report, Young denied working with Vince McMahon due to moral, creative and personal reasons. Vince was away from WWE after July 2022. Young signed with WWE sometime in late 2022. Vince returned as Executive Chairman of WWE Board of Directors in January 2023, and has been increasingly involved with creative changes on RAW and SmackDown.

Young’s 90 days non-compete reportedly ended last week, which allowed him to return to IMPACT in time for Slammiversary 2023 PPV.

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