Elimination Chamber 2019: Daniel Bryan retains the WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan has won the Elimination Chamber match to defend his WWE Championship title against AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Kofi Kingston and Jeff Hardy.

Daniel Bryan retains the WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe started the match with Joe taking the early advantage. Joe put Bryan in different locks until Bryan countered to smash Joe to the steel chains and glass pod. Kofi Kingston came in to take down both Joe and Bryan but it was AJ Styles who hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Joe and eliminated him.

Jeff Hardy came in at no. 5 for a brief cameo. He started quickly by taking down Kofi and Styles but was soon eliminated by a running knee from Bryan. Randy Orton came into brawl and he intervenes a phenomenal Forearm from Styles to hit the RKO and got the pin to eliminate him. He tries another RKO on Kofi but he countered to hit Trouble in Paradise to eliminate Orton.

Kofi Kingston has put another superb performance as he pushed Daniel Bryan to the limits when he countered his multiple moves, broke out of near falls and hit SOS twice. But it was Bryan who retained the title after Kofi missed a splash from the top of the pod. Bryan took the advantage and hit the running knee on him to get the pin and the win.

Crowd was behind Kofi for most of the match and there was a huge silence when Bryan got the pin. Xavier Woods and Big E ran down to help Kofi as the crowd chanted “Thank You Kofi” and show ended with Kofi getting a standing ovation.

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