WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Results and Updates

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Welcome to Elimination Chamber 2019 Live Updates blog. We have a somewhat underrated card here but still, we are hoping for a rocking show.

Kick-Off Show

Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa – WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Murphy starts with a wristlock and Tozawa counters to reverse the hold only for it to be countered again. Buddy shrugs off a few chest chops and throws Tozawa out of the ring. Murphy tries his own chip and hits his hand on the ring post. Akira hits a hurricanrana to send Murphy out of the ring. He attempts a suicide dive and Murphy catches him to hit an impressive suplex. Murphy unleashes a flurry of offensive moves that ends with a snap suplex for a near fall. Murphy blocks Tozawa’s signature jab, but he hits it on the second try. Akira turns him inside out with a clothesline for two. He rocks Murphy and he rolls out fo the ring, so Tozawa hits a suicide dive. He hits a second before bringing him back into the ring. He hits a big senton to the back or Murphy for another close two count. Tozawa locks him in an octopus submission but Murpy counters with Murphy’s Law for the win.

Winner – Buddy Murphy, retains WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Main Show

The Elimination Chamber is being lowered for the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match and teams are entering.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs The IIconics vs Naomi and Carmella – Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Sonya/Mandy and Sasha/Bayley to start. Sonya and Mandy get the early advantage and double team, Bayley. Sasha comes back and helps Bayley to hit a double neck breaker to both opponents. Sasha then hits a cross body at the ringside on both Mandy and Bayley. Sonya has pushed them aside and Mandy has hit a backbreaker on Sasha. Sonya and Mandy with kick in the midsection and then rammed both opponents on the steel chains. Bayley has hit a backbreaker to counter Mandy.

Riott Squad are in and immediately unloads strikes on Bayley and Sasha. Mandy-Sonya and Liv/Sarah face to face and then they start brawling. Liv and Sonya trades slap and punch. Bayley starts fighting back on her own while Banks recovers. All five women (other than Sasha)perform a tower of doom in the corner.

The IIconics are in next. They double team all of the other women individually but fail to eliminate anyone from the match. Sasha saves Bayley from being pinned at the last second. The IIconics start focusing on Banks’ injured arm. Kay hits a big boot for a two count. They are now focusing on Mandy and Sonya while we wait for the next team to come in.

Naomi and Carmella come in and take down everyone one by one. After this, all the women are trading big moves on each other until everyone is down. Sonya tried to roll up Mella but she countered it in a lock until Mandy breaks it up. Noami and Mandy face off and start unloading punches. Naomi pushes Mandy aside but IIconics takes advantage to double team to pin Naomi and eliminate her team. 

IIconics in their signature pose and become a target for all other teams. Nia Jax and Tamina are in last. They also come in to take down everyone. IIconics has themselves locked in the pod. Nia and Tamina take them out and hit Samoan Drop on both of them and pin them. IIconics are eliminated.

Other teams combine to take control over Nia and Tamina. The Riott Squad duo come in and manage to take control by double team work on all other opponents one by one. Banks and Bayley send Mandy and Sonya to the corner to hit them with Meteora. so Sasha can hit the double knee to both women at once. Morgan and Logan go to the top of the cage to save themselves. They jump from the top of the pod to take out others on the floor. Morgan climbs on the Pod again, Jax right behind her and picks her in fireman’s carry and then hits Samoan drops. Superfly splash on Liv and Sarah followed by the pin. Nia and Tamina then eliminated the Riott Squad.

Nia and Tamina then focus on Sasha and Bayley. Jax misses Bayley and crashes through the door of a pod. Nia is out cold. The other four women focus on Tamina and work together to pin her(Tamina) and eliminate her and Jax from the match. Rose saves Deville from a backstabber from Sasha. Mandy gets on top of a pod. Banks and Bayley follow her to the top. Mandy knocks Bayley down and Deville sends her into the side of a pod.

Rose grabs Sasha and hits her with a running knee, but Sasha kicks out at two. Deville ends up hitting Rose with a spear when she was going after Sasha. Sasha is unable to apply the Bank Statement with her injured shoulder, but she is able to use her leg instead and gets the submission from Sonya. Bayley and Sasha are the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Winners- Sasha Banks and Bayley by submission

They are being interviewed after the match as the crowd chants- You deserve it!

SmackDown Tag Team championship is next! We are shown the journey of Shane and Miz as the tag team partners. The Miz comes out with the mic and congratulates Sasha and Bayley before introducing Maryse who announces that they are having another baby. Miz is pumped and calls out his partner Shane to start the match.

Shane McMahon and The Miz vs The Usos – SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Miz and Jimmy start. Jimmy knocks Miz down with a shoulder tackle. Miz botches a counter but recovers quickly. Usos go for the double kick on Miz but he avoids it. Miz goes for the bear hug. Jey nails him with an elbow. Miz fires back with a knee strike. Shane and Miz work together to send the Usos out of the ring. The Usos use classic tag team tactics to distract the ref and double team Miz. Jimmy hits a stiff clothesline.

The Usos have taken over Miz. Miz comes out of the corner as he hits clotheslines. Hot tag and Shane takes out Usos. He hits DDT on both Jimmy and Jey and sets them for Coast to Coast. He connects one but Jey counters the second one with a superkick. Jey hits a frog splash and covers Shane only for Miz to break the pin. Miz is tagged in now and hits dropping the dime. Miz hits a dropkick from in between the ropes on Jey. He sets up the table. Jimmy goes for the suicide dive but Miz avoids it and he hits Jey instead.

Miz clears off an announce table and puts Jey on top. Shane heads an elbow drop on Jey through the table. Jimmy nails Miz with a superkick. Miz counters the Superfly Splash with his knees before hitting the Calf Crusher Finale. But Jimmy reverses the pin and gets the win out of nowhere.

Winners- The Usos with a pinfall – New SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The Usos celebrates while Miz is shocked. Shane looks really tired and worn out.

Lio Rush and Lashley are being interviewed backstage where Lio brushes aside the fact that Balor can pin him to win the title.

Bobby Lashley(c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor – WWE Intercontinental Championship 2-on-1 Handicapped Match

Lio starts but right away tags in Lashley who targets the ribs of Balor. Balor counters an arm drag with a crossbody. Lashley continues his control. Balor counters in the corner with a spinning kick from the apron. Lashley goes for the powerbomb Balor counters with scissors takedown to send him out of the ring. Lio lures Balor out where Lashley sends him through the barricades. Back in the ring, Lashley takes out more punishment before Lio Rush tags in.

Balor is able to throw him with a hip toss. Rush jumps over him and tags Lashley. Lashley again takes over the control before Rush gets the tag and puts Balor in a shoulder stretch. Balor fights out of it but Rush tags Lashley and hits another backbreaker. Shoulder block in the corner and Lashley is going for the spear but Lio Rush tags and misses the frog splash. Balor has cornered Rush. He clotheslines Lashley out of the ring and hits a suicide dive on both Rush and Lashley. Then, he quickly takes Rush in the ring. He sets Rush up and hits Coupe De Grace followed by the pin and the win.

Winner- Finn Balor – New WWE Intercontinental Champion

Lashley is pissed off after the match and hits Rush with a huge spinebuster.

We are getting the recap of how Charlotte was inserted into Wrestle Mania and footage of Charlotte injuring Becky at the live event. Charlotte makes her way to the ring where Charlie asks her if it was her idea or Mr. McMahon’s idea to suspend Becky. Charlotte again cuts her full heel promo and disses the crowd. She asserts that she is the best until crowd starts chanting ‘Becky!’.

Ronda Rousey(c) vs Ruby Riott – RAW Women’s Championship Match

Ronda is in a baseball attire of sorts. Charlotte is sitting at the ringside. Ronda trips Ruby to the mat. Ruby moves out of the ring to regroup. Ronda with another Judo takedown followed by the Piper’s Pit and the Armbar to get the Submission. That was quick!!

Winner- Ronda Rousey with Submission

Ronda asks Charlotte to come in the ring and they have a staredown as Becky makes her way through to the ring on crutches. Charlotte points towards the crutches as crowd chants- ‘She is OK’. Becky beats down on Charlotte with crutches. Becky offers the crutches to Ronda. As Ronda moves towards Charlotte, Becky starts beating Ronda also with the crutches, She continues until the security and officials come out to stop her and takes her away.

Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman – No Disqualification Match

Corbin throws a piece of cloth to distract Braun but he comes out with a huge uppercut. Corbin hits Braun with a kendo stick. He puts in the stick at the top turnbuckle and goes for the Armdrag. Strowman counters to throw Corbin out of the ring. Braun grabs the stick and breaks it over his knee. Corbin throws an office chair at him before sending him into the steel steps. Corbin picks up the steps and uses them as a weapon to hit Strowman a few times. Strowman puts Corbin through a table with a body slam.

Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes out with a chair in the hand. Strowman has his focus on McIntyre when Lashley came in from behind to hit him with the chair. McIntyre and Lashley hits Braun with continuous chair shots. Strowman tries to fight out of it to no avail. They brought the steel steps into the ring and then a table. McIntyre lays out Strowman with a Claymore kick. They set up one table over another and helped Lashley to hit a powerbomb from the steel steps through the table. Corbin covers for the pin and gets the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin with pinfall

Shane McMahon is shown getting treatment backstage and Miz paces by his bedside. The A-Lister apologizes and Shane tries to tell him it’s okay but Miz loses it, saying he made his dad a promise, his wife a promise, his daughter, his unborn child! McMahon tells him to cool it and go home, and he’ll see him Tuesday, and Miz storms off.

Lacey Evans makes her entrance for some reason. She walks on the ramp and goes back as if this is a fashion show.

Daniel Bryan(c) vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The New Day makes their way to the ring with a huge pop from the crowd. Kofi is not starting the match then! Jeff Hardy is next in! Randy Orton makes his way to the ring as he will be the last to enter the match. AJ Styles is next to come in the chamber. So, Bryan and Samoa Joe will start the match. Samoa Joe comes in and mocks other superstars. Daniel Bryan enters with Rowan and asks to cut the music. He rants about being the first in Gauntlet and now in Elimination Chamber. Referees send Rowan back. Bryan continues his rants by saying that people and this planer need him as the champion. He finally steps into the ring.

Bryan and Joe start. Bryan moves out of the ring to waste the time. He comes in to hit some kicks. Joe hits some kicks of his own and locks Bryan’s ankle. Bryan again runs away from the ring. Joe nails Bryan with big chops. He takes Bryan back in the ring and locks him into Sharpshooter, then in the Labell lock and then in the shoulder stretch. Bryan breaks out of it and finally makes some momentum as he sends Joe to the steel chain and then smashes him to the pod. Joe comes back with some chops. He headbutts Bryan and hits some sidekicks. Bryan sidesteps and trips Joe into the lower turnbuckle and hits some Yes! kicks.

Kofi Kingston is in next. He takes on both of them and hits a splash from the top of Joe for two counts. Bryan picks him up and hangs him on the top rope and hits a leg drop from the top. Joe goes after Bryan who runs away to the top of the Pod. Kofi takes down Joe and goes to the top of the pod to bring Bryan back. Bryan, Kofi and Joe, all are at the walls of the cage from where Kofi hits a crossbody to take down both Bryan and Joe. Bryan and Kofi trade some moves before Joe hits a Seaton bomb on Bryan.

AJ Styles is in next. He goes after Joe right away before getting engaged with Bryan. Styles with double DDT on Kofi and Bryan. He nails a springboard punch on Joe while Bryan tries to climb the chamber. Styles hits a Phenomenal forearm at the walls on Bryan. Styles hits a chop and a punch on Joe before Joe throws him into the steel chain with an arm drag. Joe comes in and put Kofi in Coquina Clutch. Kofi tries to come out of it. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Joe and pins him. Samoa Joe is eliminated.

Jeff Hardy comes in. He hits some quick moves on Styles until he counters with the spinning kick. Bryan is thrashing Kofi into the steel walls. Jeff Hardy hits his finisher from the top of the pod but Bryan immediately hits him with the knee to the face and pins him. Jeff Hardy is eliminated.
Bryan hits Styles with the dropkick as he was hanging upside down from the turnbuckle. Bryan tries to hit the suplex on Kofi at the same turnbuckle but Styles hits a german suplex on both of them from the turnbuckle.

Randy Orton comes in next. He goes after Kofi right away and misses an RKO on Bryan. Styles takes him down. Styles with a backbreaker on Kofi. He goes for the springboard 450 on Kofi but Orton intervenes to hit the RKO on him and pins him. AJ Styles is eliminated. Orton goes for the RKO on Orton but Kofi counters and hits Trouble in Paradise to eliminate Orton.

Kofi and Bryan start brawling. They trade sidekicks. Bryan escapes Kofi’s spinning kick and hits some Yes! kicks. Kofi hits SOS for two counts. Bryan sends Kofi face-first to the turnbuckle and hits continuous dropkicks on Kofi until Kofi counters with another SOS for another two counts. Kofi is thrashing Bryan into the steel walls until Bryan sends him to the plexiglass of the pod. He hits the running knee but Kofi kicks out of the pin. The crowd is livid.

Bryan stomps on his face. He sets up for running knee again but Kofi counters with a spinning kick. Kofi goes for the pin which was countered by Bryan. Bryan finally locks Kofi in Labell lock but he breaks it by reaching the ropes. Bryan goes to the top turnbuckle and then to the top of the pod to escape from Kofi. Kofi with some punches before he smashes Bryan into the glass. He goes for Suplex but Bryan prevents it. Bryan then tries to go suplex for Kofi to prevent this time. Kofi kicks Bryan to send him down to the ring. Kofi goes for the Splash but Bryan moves away. Bryan then hits the running knee to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Daniel Bryan with Pinfall

The crowd is heartbroken as Rowan comes out to take Bryan. Xavier Woods and Big E run down and help Kofi to his feet as the crowd chants “Thank You Kofi” and show ends with Kofi getting a standing ovation.

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