Edge Defeated The Miz After Beth Phoenix Returns at WWE Day 1

Credit: WWE India

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge defeated The Miz at WWE Day 1 after his wife Beth Phoenix made her WWE return. 

Edge entered the match with his Brood entrance whereas the A-Lister came along with his wife, Maryse. The latter was distracting Edge and got involved several times in the match. She even saved Miz when he tapped out by putting his leg on the bottom rope.

The match featured a back and forth between Miz and Edge before Miz managed to hit his Skull Crushing Finale. However, Edge kicked out of it. Miz couldn’t be able to believe it and Maryse gets on the apron, and that’s when the Miz notices Beth Phoenix.

Beth scared Maryse and the latter ran towards the stage. The Miz got distracted and when he turned, Edge hit him with the Spear to get the pinfall. 

The rivalry between the Rated-R Superstar and A-Lister started when both of them made their return to Monday Night Raw on the same night. 

After some heated verbal exchange, Edge appeared on the Miz TV before things got personal and Edge ruined Miz and Maryse’s wedding by giving them a brood bath. 

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