Drake Maverick Wins 24/7 Championship from R-Truth

Drake Maverick has won the 24/7 Championship Title from R-Truth during the SmackDown episode of 18 June 2019.

Drake Maverick 247 Championship

This week at RAW, R-Truth and Carmella used some disguises and tried to get mixed with the crowd to be away from the challengers for 24/7 title. However, they were easily found out once the camera focused on him.

At SmackDown, R-Truth had to become the partner of the Miz for the elimination Tag Team Match against Drew McIntyre and Elias. After a good start to the match, Truth was pinned by Elias to be eliminated. Soon, the other challengers started chasing him.

R-Truth went outside to arena searching for Carmella but it was Drake Maverick who was in disguise of Carmella and was waiting for Truth. Maverick quickly rolled-up Truth to win the Championship and ran away in the car. Maverick is expected to get married later this week. And with the kind of chaos 24/7 has created, it will not be far fetched to see the 24/7 title chase reaching the wedding.

24/7 Championship was introduced on RAW Episode of 20 May this year with the falls count anywhere rule. Since then, it has been one of the regularly best segments on WWE TV programming as R-Truth finds new ways to evade the low card challengers and clinches on to the title.

Apart from Truth, Elias has also become 2 times 24/7 champion. Titus O’ Niel, Robert Roode and Jinder Mahal have also become 24/7 champion once.

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