Death Dollz & The Coven Added to Match IMPACT Emergence 2023

Four way Tag Team match
Four-way Tag Team match, Credits- IMPACT

Two more teams are added to the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Titles match as part of the IMPACT Emergence PPV event.

IMPACT Wrestling officially announced that The Death Dollz (Jessicka and Rosemary) and The Coven (Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King) will be added to the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Titles match at IMPACT Emergence PPV event.

The bout was first scheduled between MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly), Savannah Evans, and Gisele Shaw, but now it has changed to a four-way tag team match.

During the August 10 episode of IMPACT, MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly) expressed their desire to take on any challengers including the Death Dollz. After that, Coven also expressed their desire to compete for a chance for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

IMPACT Emergence PPV event is scheduled for August 27, 2023, at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The IMPACT Knockouts World Championship match is also set for the event between Trinity Fatu and Deonna Purrazo.

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