Dark Order Wins in AEW Debut, Advances to All Out

Dark Order defeated Jack Evans & Angelico and Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus at Fight for the Fallen 2019 show to get the win in their AEW Debut match. They will now advance to All Out for the match against Best Friends to get an opportunity at a first-round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Titles tournament.

Dark Order Fight for the Fallen win

Match Description

The winners of this match will face Best Friends at All Out for an opportunity at a first-round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Titles tournament. Dark Order are first to come out followed by Jack Evans and Angelico. Jungle Boy is on Luchasaurus’s shoulder as usual as they make their way to the ring. They are getting a superb response from the crowd.

Jack Evans and Grayson start the match. Grayson dominates the early exchanges as he hits Angelico with a Dropkick and a Urinagi. Evil Uno is next and he bites the ear of Angelico. Angelico manages a tag to Jungle Boy who hits an Arm Drag, a Hurricanrana and then a Dropkick on Uno to get two-count.

Uno comes back and snaps Jungle Boy’s nose and hits a neck breaker. Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus. Uno steps back and punches Luchasaurus. Uno tags Angelico, who tags Evans. Jack Evans does some comedy before he tries to push Luchasaurus. He gets dropped and Luchasaurus throws him across the ring into his corner. Jungle Boy tags in and hits a boot and a German Suplex.

Jungle Boy hits Grayson with huge chops. Uno and Grayson double team and beat up Jungle Boy in their corner. Jungle Boy drops Grayson to the outside but Uno comes in and takes out Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy tries to tag in Angelico and Jack Evans but, they fall down after Grayson sweeps their leg. Uno is back in control.

Luchasaurus is tagged in and the crowd goes crazy. He single-handedly takes out Uno and Grayson. He then hits the Moonsault on Jack Evans and Chokeslams him out of the ring on Angelico. Jungle Boy takes them out with a Shooting Star Press. Luchasaurus hits Grayson with a Tombstone and then after his pin is broken up, he hits Grayson with a Death Valley Driver.

Jungle Boy tags in and Angelico and Jack Evans team up to hit the Foot Stomp on Evans. Angelico tries an inverted Figure Four, but Uno breaks it up. Evans throws Uno out. Jungle Boy is taken out with a combination of kicks and an assisted 450. Evans and Angelico are thwarted by Marko Stunt(Jungle Boy’s assistant). He goes to the top and hits Evans with an Arm Drag from the top rope.

Luchasaurus throws Marko on to Angelico and then with a Jungle Boy double team hits him with a Gory Special Knee combination. Suplex Powerbomb but Uno breaks it up. Luchasaurus is taken out via a double team by Uno and Grayson. Grayson and Uno hit a combined Senton Diving and Running on Lucharaurus and Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy kicks out. But they are not done. Uno and Grayson hit the Fatality on Jungle Boy and gets the pin.