Damian Priest Defeated Sheamus To Win WWE United States Championship

Damian Preist United States Champion 2021

Damian Priest wins his first singles belts in the form of the WWE United States Championship at SummerSlam 2021.

Damian Priest ended Sheamus’s US championship reign by defeating him at WWE’s biggest party of the summer. He ripped the protective mask of the former champion before hitting him with a jumping spin kick. After that, he hit him with his signature move, Reckoning to get the pinfall.

Sheamus won the United States Championship at WrestleMania 37 for the third time. However, after winning the belt, he avoided defending it and even attacked most of his challengers before the match.

Sheamus also suffered a broken nose during his match with Humberto Carillo on an episode of RAW, and hence he began to wear the protective mask. After sustaining the injury the Celtic Warrior didn’t compete in any match for more than a month.

Ultimately, The Archer of Infamy came forward and decided to deal with Sheamus in his own way and ripped off the mask. Damian Priest finally defeated Sheamus in an entertaining match at SummerSlam and became the new WWE United States Champion.

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