Forbidden Door: CM Punk Advances in the Owen Hart Tournament

CM Punk Forbidden Door

CM Punk defeated the legend Satoshi Kojima in the first-round match in 2023 Owen Hart Foundation Tournament at Forbidden Door 2023.

Live Updates

The crowd boos CM Punk as he enters. Punk and Kojima locks up and then Kojima gets the first shot. Punk puts him in a side headlock before Kojima no-sells a shoulder tackle. 

Kojima hits Punk with multiple punches, a hip toss, and then with a shoulder tackle. Punk breaks the momentum with a kick and sends Kojima to the floor. Punk hits some chops before Kojima sends him over the barricade with a chop of his own.

Kojima trips Punk on the apron, but the latter manages to hit the dropkick. Punk hits the scoop slam followed by the Hulk Hogan leg drop. Punk locks him in a submission maneuver, but Kojima gets the rope break before Punk can even lock it properly. 

Punk hits him with lariat and side slam for a two-count. Punk misses a corner splash, and then Kojima unleashes machine gun chops before hitting him with the running forearm. 

Kojima hits him with a DDT before Punk finally stops him and hits an elbow drop from the top. Punk locks him in an Anaconda Vice Submission but Kojima breaks it by hitting on Punk’s head. 

Punk goes for the GTS but Kojima counters it with a Mongolian Chop followed by a Koji-cutter for two-count. Punk goes for the GTS once again but Kojima blocks it and hits the brainbuster for a near-fall. 

Punk counters Kojima’s next attack with a roundhouse and then finally connects the GTS to get the pinfall. 

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