CM Punk appears at a Pro-Wrestling Event

On Friday night, former ROH Champion Silas Young’s MKE Wrestling hosted an event. During one of the matches, a man under a mask interfered by hitting GTS(a rather bad one though) on Daryck St. Holmes and ran away.

Silas Young made a passing remark over Twitter for speculations to start that this man was CM Punk. Look at his tweet below. The event was attended by merely 350 peoples and they did not have any idea that Punk was going to appear. Punk was in and out very quickly and all this while, he was escorted one other crew member.

Ever since leaving WWE after Royal Rumble 2014, CM Punk has been away from pro-wrestling but has appeared in UFC and other forms of combat sports. Recently, he participated in Brazil in a Ji-Jitsu tournament. It might be entirely possible that he could have made the appearance to promote the MKE Wrestling Promotion. Tune in to for latest updates.