Documentary of Brodie Lee Set to Premiere Tonight in Rochester

Luke Harper, Luke Harper WWE,

A new documentary film based on the life of the late Brodie Lee (real name Jon Huber, fka Luke Harper) is all set to premiere tonight in his hometown of Rochester, NY.

The documentary is titled “This is Brodie Lee” and it will hit the screens at Movies 10 in Rochester. This documentary film will cover the entire part of Brodie’s career starting from the local backyard, his days in the indies, and then finally getting a big break in WWE and AEW. 

Wrestlevision in association with Classy Wolf Media produced this three-hour documentary. The story of Brodie’s life will be narrated by the fellow wrestlers of the late superstar. 

The official synopsis of This is Brodie Lee reads, “Documentary movie on the life of Jon Huber, known worldwide as Brodie Lee/Luke Harper. Tells the story of his life in wrestling, from a backyard to the Western NY indy scene, to the big time in WWE and AEW – from the fellow wrestlers who shared the road with Brodie.”

The tickets for this documentary are already on sale and it is priced at $10 + fees and it can be purchased through this link. The premiere time for this documentary is scheduled at 7 PM.

Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) met his unfortunate demise last year on December 26, at the age of 41. 

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